STM 203 Schedule & OneChannel Tips/Thoughts

Been plagued with stress lately, with work getting heavier in the later half of the year. So STM will still go on, but at a slower rate. I am starting on 2.03 soon, but I can’t estimate the completion period yet. There MAY still be Racing Days with no Sims videos, so even if you don’t see new Sims videos (yet), never give up on Dr Hyde. If Hyde doesn’t actually say it’s over, the show will go on.

New Article on the STM Site:
[For Non-Sims Players: Intro to StrangeTown Monty]

When YouTube switched all users over to the OneChannel layout, it looked as if they were overhauling YT to be [Read Full Post…]

One Channel to Rule Them All

I have switched over to the YouTube OneChannel layout, despite the fact that its sterile whiteness reminds me of hospital linen. They have resorted to such uniformity for the sake of mobile device compatibility. One can still be creative when designing the banner, but it’s more challenging than creating a background image for the soon-to-be-obselete Dec 2011 layout.

But on the bright side, non-partners can actually have a banner image now. The only other selling point for me is the channel trailer, which is auto-played for would-be subscribers. Knowing Youtube / Google, they tend to switch everyone over to their new layouts within weeks of introducing them, so it may be better to adapt than resist.

I have updated my [How to Make Good Sims Machinima] section to include info on how to customize the YT One Channel.

– So I have a [new channel trailer] — in Simlish, with English subtitles.
– I have also started production on StrangeTown Monty 2.01.

AH’s YouTube Story & Director’s Perspectives

I started off as normal Sims fan. Normal as in, actually playing the Sims game regularly, and having some interest in what other fans did with their game.

I realized that Machinima has a profoundly impressive effect on the fandom, since there are MANY simultaneous production parameters that must be done correctly for the shows to be watchable, let alone captivating.

Over two years, I made several standalone Sims movies to test the waters. Most were good enough to be mildly popular, while three of them became massive hits.

Then one day, I had a eureka moment, that led me to write a storyboard, which became the full-blown episodes of StrangeTown Monty. STM attracts viewers from both the (realistic machinima)+(gameplay) camps. I pay careful attention to the script, Simlish and timing. I inspect every second of each episode under a microscope, only uploading when I’m 99% satisfied. The high viewcount is also a result of its association with “18 Ways to Kill a Sim / Veronaville Disaster”, my most popular video.

If you make standalones, you get hits.
If you make series, you get subscribers.

From my statistics, a vast majority of STM fans are teenagers & children, the age groups (NOT ALL of them are) notorious for demanding instant gratification. They often do not understand the responsibilities of adults, sometimes demanding that we do things according to their schedules, at times not even respecting others’ decisions.

I’ve always believed that machinima directors don’t owe anything to their fans, so fans have no right to demand new episodes (often with the threat to unsubscribe). First understand that machinima is a hobby, and we are free to participate in it as much or as little as we like. Like any other hobby, we come and go whenever we want.

But SOME fans with unreasonable attitudes tend to bug successful Directors to produce WHAT THEY WANT, WHEN THEY WANT, and make sensational assumptions that the series *must* be over, because a certain period of time has passed without a new episode.

But Directors have the right to use their free time any way they like, and upload any of their productions anytime on their channel. Especially if they are adults under the burden of work, they may not have the right frame of mind to create the episodes that require more attention.

Sometimes they create other types of videos which require less effort on their part, and they get ridiculous comments demanding new installments of the other preferred work. Such comments are a slap in the face, showing obvious disrespect for the Director’s right to do things in his own timing. That is why I insist there shall be NO asking for the next STM episode, or open false assumptions that STM has ended, in the YT Comments of my RACING videos.

I can tell you frankly that I have the complete scripts of STM 1.09 to 1.11. I am just too tired these days to do justice to them. Note also that I’ve changed the numbering system: suggesting that I have actually planned a Season 2. But it all depends on my work — remember that I’m not paid to create STM. Also, STM is NOT over until I SAY that it’s over.

Be patient. This world doesn’t revolve around you. Sometimes you need to wait for the things you want. If you don’t see the videos you’re expecting on a director’s channel, move on and watch something else for the day. Remember we all started off as fans, so nobody owes anyone anything.

Ophelia’s Fate; YouTube Subscriber Errors

STM #9 is still in progress. No numbers this time, but it’s a wonder I even made it this far, considering the difficult fortnight I had.

Ophelia Nigmos’ fate will be clear in STM 1.09…
[Credit to BSE for the grim quote 😉 ]
The [Polls] remain open to those who haven’t voted.

Recently, YouTube has been removing closed user accounts from Subscriptions. Channels with a significant number of subscribers see a notable drop in their subscriber count, so that channel owners will know how many of their subscribers are active users. Unfortunately, this automated process has been somewhat buggy, since some legitimate active subscribers get “accidentally” removed from channels they still wish to stay subscribed to.

If you are my YT subscriber, please check if you have been unsubscribed by mistake, and re-subscribe if you still enjoy my videos. Thanks.

STM#9 Started, YT Search, AST Wikia

STM#9 has started. Bear in mind that I have the right to upload anything else on my YT Channel, and that I can’t possibly be filming/editing STM all the time during my leisure. STAY subscribed if you wish to be notified immediately when the official STM episodes are actually released.

I am very pleased that people have been actively seeking my videos on YT. (“Veronaville Disaster”, aka “18 Ways to Kill Sims”, is StrangeTown Monty #0.) has been defunct for a couple of months now. It’s a pity, since it was a nice, cozy, constructive small community. It was a site with a FULL domain name & hosting (as opposed to “”, which is “only” a URL forwarder).

These paid solutions work wonderfully when the site owner is still passionate about the hobby, but you can count on such sites to disappear when the owner moves on to other leisurely pursuits. Many other Sims Fansites, which ran on paid hosting, have also disappeared over the years.

Since AST has disappeared, I have “reblogged” on my AH site, FOUR (4) of the more useful pages of its Movie Making Wikia, for other Directors’ reference. Bear in mind that I was one of the moderators who spent lots of time taking care of the AST site. Here we go…

Camera Tips: Sims 2/3
Video Filming Cheats
Camera Hacks: Sims2
Camera Hacks: Sims3

The Road Not Taken: AH on Voiceover Logistics, Pleasantview “Copiers” & Doons99P’s Pleasantview

– as the age/gender demographic differs greatly from…
– how different can one Pleasantview plot be from another, especially if the story sticks with mainly the default characters?
– Instead of being upset about the lack of closure of her PV series…

EDIT (Feb 18, 2014): Note the original date of this post. Doons has come in and out of hiatus several times since then.

You might wonder why I use Simlish for StrangeTown Monty. For Machinima on Default Sims neighborhoods, the Simlish approach may be more convenient & effective than the logistical nightmare of getting human voiceovers who speak English.

Human voiceovers are more feasible in “realistic machinima” (those with recognizable real-world settings, Continue reading The Road Not Taken: AH on Voiceover Logistics, Pleasantview “Copiers” & Doons99P’s Pleasantview