STM 2.06(A) – 85% – The Underdog?

85% is as fast as production can go for an episode of this sort. There’s still a possibility of a late-May 2015 release.

You also still have time to [vote on the Specter Yard Case Verdict].

Where are the other Machinima Directors? They are probably off playing the Sims 4, or moved on to other pursuits. After all, there are many other hobbies much easier than machinima, so who can blame them for switching to something more relaxing?

Why the Fringe is Hyde still pressing on with video production with a Sims 2 game that’s more than a decade old, while he could do something much easier with his limited leisure?

Or is this not surprising, given his tendency NOT to give up on old games, especially those that gave him particularly good memories?

Perhaps there has indeed been a overall decline in interest in Machinima, both on the parts of the directors and viewers in general.

Hyde knows that STM‘s popularity comes largely from the lead-in video, “18 Ways to Kill Sims”, a privilege that many other directors do not have.

Viewers also come via his bizarre Sims blog (which you are reading now), and the many STM fanon pages on the Sims Wikia. (NOTE: Contributors to the Sims Wikia should be 13+. If you are underage, DO NOT sign up for an account or attempt to create / edit anything there.)

While featuring Underdog premade characters from Underdog Neighborhoods, and storylines that makes you question many things you ever believed about the Sims world, STM is at the right place at the right time.

Sims 4

Well, well, well. I have not bought the Sims 4 yet, but according to the Sims Wikia, only characters from Pleasantview / Sunset Valley have been included in the “alternate universes” of Willow Creek (Goth) and Oasis Springs (Lothario, Caliente, Landgraab). I’m not surprised at the developer’s choices of “returning” premades, as these are the most popular with the mainstream fans.

But I would be happier if they had included the Curiouses and/or Specters in the DESERT town of Oasis Springs, and absolutely over the moon if the Montys and/or Capps made any appearance at all.

Looks like I may have to create my favorite “premade” characters if I want them in my Sims 4 town. Or download them, if other fans make them available (hint, hint). Who knows, if I’m comfortable enough with Sims 4 filming, Sims 4 incarnations of Bianca Monty & friends may make an appearance in STM too.

With the pre-release Sims 4 Demo, I only had the time to create one sim — and I’m not very satisfied with the clothes recoloring system, hairstyles and facial hair selections. For the Sims 3, I waited till the 9th EP (!!!) — University Life — to get the correct long beard for me and my Racing Men. I hope I don’t have to wait too many EPs for the right elements to create characters to my satisfaction.

Will there be cars / motorcycles in the Sims 4 for us to race with? I like the way we open car doors in Sims 2, and the way cars move along the streets in Sims 3. My Racing Men & I have gone many laps around most Sims 3 main neighborhoods, alongside the exotic locales in S3 World Adventures and (storywise only) S2 Bon Voyage.

I am planning to complete STM 2.05(B) before I officially buy Sims 4. Time hasn’t been on my side 😦 , but production has progressed since my last post 🙂

STM205 Started; New Takers for Non-PV Machinima Challenge?

EDIT 1: “STM Vidcund Makeover” applied to Loki Beaker & Kent Capp.
EDIT 2: STM Fanon for [Vidcund Curious] appeared on Jan 22 2014.

– I have started filming some of the easier parts of STM 205. I don’t know exactly when I’ll finish, but I’m estimating late March – April 2014.

– Since I extensively rewrote parts of STM 204 & 205, a major revision is now required for the scripts of STM 210 – 211 (or 212). If successful, the show may possibly have a more interesting ending than originally planned.

I’ve seen several well-done Pleasantview episodes these weeks, till I’ve lost track of what happens in whose show. It seems like Pleasantview’s suburban charm supercedes even that of Sunset Valley, and I completely understand why. (But it’s obvious that I’m not the “Pleasantview type”, so I’ll probably be half-hearted if I tried writing an extended tale on it.)

Are there any new takers for the “Non-Pleasantview Machinima Challenge”? As the writer, director & producer of STM, I have one less Sims show to look forward to as a viewer. The directors of my favorite Strangetown series & Veronaville series seem to be busy lately.

New takers could message me directly with links to their shows. I’m looking out for a well-written story with decent production quality. Bonus points for a new episode every 2 weeks / 1-2 months, for those of you don’t have a full-time job. If I like your show enough, I may even blog about it.

STM 203 Updates & 13+ Rating

New Fanon Pages on Sims Wikia for [Dr. Prometheus Hyde] (July 14),
[Kent Capp] (July 20), [Bianca Monty] (July 27) & [STM Series] itself.
EDIT: [Antonio Monty’s article] appeared on August 4.
– I have planned at least one more similar article.

– The recent weeks have not been kind to me. No frame of mind to make ANY videos at all. At this rate, I estimate STM 2.03 to be finished around mid-August to end-September 2013, a 6-week buffer period.

– Once again, I thank the good fans who have chosen to understand & support my projects; and respect my schedule & YT channel for what I need them to be. Thank you for not doubting me.

I wrote [STM] for a 13+ audience. If you are too young, you may not fully understand some of the difficult language and concepts. Perhaps when you’re older, you will appreciate the show much better, and also understand why Hyde’s video-making schedule is the way it is.

– I’ve had a Bella Goth overdose lately, after reading/watching too many fan fictions based on her. Doesn’t help that STM 2.03 is a direct continuation of the story in 2.02, but at least the STM Bella plot is 50% about the people who are helping her.

– Good to hear from some specific good fans, whom I’ve not heard from for a while. Let me know when things improve for you…