STM 2.05(B): 85% – Big Storytelling Experiment

Update Nov 21 2014: [STM Bella Goth’s fanon article] on Sims Wikia.
Episode progress is between 85-90%… still on schedule.

Good news: STM 2.05(B) is 85% done. But it certainly won’t be 100% until the end of this month, at the very least.

One of the biggest calculated risks I took in Season 2 was to sideline the title character for a three-episode story arc. But this arc involves the other two minor plots, and a focus on the protagonist’s double.

The other risk was to give “minor-recurring” characters a lot of screen time, but this is necessary for that story arc to progress in the way it needs to. STM is my big experiment in storytelling.

To sum up the facts:

1. Episode Focus: Investigation and the Two Men
2. Bianca Monty returns
3. More aspects of Strangetown… and Veronaville?
4. Most likely the longest STM episode to date

For those who are interested in SimsDynamic, I have [some news].

Time Travel

The football season isn’t quite over, so I’ve not yet returned to creating STM.

Meanwhile, take a look at this new machinima by a promising new director. By 2014, I think stories of the Goth family (and Pleasantview) are overdone ad nauseam by too many fans, at the expense of other characters of other towns. I have always been neutral towards the Goth family, and have always preferred other sims to them.

But I’ll make a positive exception for this show, because the director approaches this family from an angle that I particularly like.

[The Goths Through Time, Episode 1, by Dutchlishsim]

Sims Freeplay fans: I won’t bother with the Carnival Update, if I still have to pay to keep my sims alive. My sims are perfectly happy after I relocated them to Sims 2/3 (at least they have more diverse facial structures now). I will also check out Sims 4 when it becomes available. PC versions are always better, since they are not so watered-down.

At the moment, I have no immediate plans to go back to Sims Freeplay, but I will still check out FP-related news.

STM 204 Pre-Episode Goodies

STM 2.04 requires quite a bit of preparation before filming may begin. I’m targeting a December 2013 or January 2014 release. Meanwhile, here are some goodies. Enjoy.

[Olive Specter’s Sims Wikia Fanon Article] – written quite differently from all my previous articles.

– Nick Grimm is [a chip off the old block] Olive Specter.

– Break System explains the concepts of multiple Sims universes & “Quantum Entanglement” in a [mash-up parody Sims video] of the Veronaville Disaster & Fringe — made for my birthday.

This has everything to do with my newest STM banner (Bianca, Kent, Machine). Now we finally get to see how Kent Capp is like when he is dosed.

News Brief

Tough times for me 😦 But I’m slowly getting back on my feet, in terms of resuming my video-making. Writing comes more quickly and naturally for me.

[SimsDynamic YouTube Channel] contains other people’s machinima series that I’ve shortlisted as “worth watching”. I add new episodes to the playlists as they arrive, so take a look there sometimes.

Meanwhile, here is another STM Analysis. It starts with…
“StrangeTown Monty is living proof that a Sims Machinima Series does NOT need teenage pregnancies, sex scandals, lots of gore / violence, or even excessive amounts of custom content to be successful. What’s REALLY required is…”
[Read Full Article]

The Nick Grimm plot will become more prominent as STM Season 2 progresses.

“Hyde Dynamic” is the name of my Lab in the Sims World. It is also a pun on the fact that the Watcher’s presence is a very obvious factor in the story.

Monte Vista & A Loner in Strangetown

I finally bought Sims3 Monte Vista. Still accessing the possibility of using this town for some of the STM Season 2 flashbacks. I also tried writing a normal blog post on it, but it sounded like a full-blown STM Analysis, so I’ve posted it here:

[Analysis (1.09-1.11): Sims 3 Monte Vista: Veronaville Feud, Age Discrepancies & Retcon]
The Chronosym Twins’ (Secreti Metis & BreakSystemBSE) latest project, “A.Loner in Strangetown”, is a result of a supercharged caffeine craze, with a whopping 7 (!!) episodes so far within the first fortnight of 2013. Apparently, the lightning speed does not appear to have compromised the production quality. I believe they had the scripts WAY before they began this spree.

I don’t expect the effects of their coffee “elixir” to last forever, since they have other commitments. I am NOT going on a coffee craze to boost my production rate… 😮

[1.1 – Strangetown, Here I Come] [1.2 – Meet the Neighborhood]
[1.3 – Meet the Beakers] [1.4 – Meet the Curious]
[1.5 – All the Single Ladies] [1.6 – Meet the Specters]
[1.7 – Meet the Smiths]

They have two more series which are going at a significantly slower pace (understatement), because those have audible Simlish in it. “Chronicles of Old Haven” (CoOH) is a huge project (10 volumes of approx 10 episodes each) that spans almost all default Sims neighborhoods, while “A Hero’s Tale” (AHT) is a CoOH spinoff with ties to StrangeTown Monty.

I’ll say their shows are the closest you can find to mine on YouTube. That’s why I keep pointing you to their work, especially when I’m still in between videos.

A Reply – So Soon!

First successful complete reply to my earlier blog challenge for
“Machinima on default non-Pleasantview neighborhoods”
[A. Loner in Strangetown 1.1]

I’ll be pleased to see more of this story, & other entries by more folks. 🙂

The first two weeks of December have been unexpectedly busy for me. Hopefully the workload clears up, and I’ll have time for the STM Universe over the rest of December.

To those who replied to my prev post (Monte Vista), I wrote a general reply to all your responses in the comments of that post.

Updates & Quantum Entanglement

– Good news on STM#10 – it’s around 25% done.
– It’s also heartening to see that the number of votes for the STM#9 poll is (a rather high) 10% of the total episode viewcount.

[] has also seen SOME activity, as we would expect of a new forum whose administrators are busy with work concerns. If you have Sims stories / videos to share, the forum is still in “new mode” in terms of receiving newcomers. If you’re nice, we won’t bite. 😉

– Many Sims fans make the mistake of assuming that “Racing & Sims are necessarily two separate games competing for my attention”. Actually, both these groups of videos are linked in an abstract way such that they influence each other.

A Racing fan who watches my car videos decides to check out STM, wondering why it has so many views. He^ sees a well-crafted story in a well-edited video, whose Sims context he is unfamiliar with. He may spot similarities (production style & thought processes) in the Sims videos that are also present in his preferred racing videos. Similarly, Sims fans who look hard enough may be able to see Sims/STM hints in my Racing videos.

^ My Racing viewers are almost exclusively male, while my Sims viewers are 30M-70F.

If only we can look past the immediate concrete subject matters (that appear so disparate), and see how separate abstract “universes” are quantum-entangled. In fact, if one universe suffers, the other is hardly exempt, because both are intricately linked to the author’s thought processes.