STM 2.06(B) – The Patriarch 2 — 100%

[EDIT: Nov 9 2015] How many simmers guessed the “4th Racing Man” correctly?

Roadblocks have been overcome, so the results of my latest balancing act is finally ready. This is the middle part of my original long script of STM 2.06, and the overall longest episode so far. It also uses a significant amount of Sims 3 footage.

[StrangeTown Monty 2.06(B) – The Patriarch Part 2]

This episode focuses on the following Patriarchs:
– Feuding Fathers of Monte Vista & Roaring Heights
– Racing Men
– Antonio Monty

In the NEXT part, STM 2.06(C), we go back to Strangetown to see the conclusion of the sticky situation in Specter’s House…

Writing stories / making machinima is a balancing act between (what the fans want), and (what the author wants).

If there isn’t enough of (the part the author wants), there’s a risk of the author losing interest in the entire project, so neither part (not even “the part fans want”) gets produced.

In the case of premade Sims, all simmers start off with an identical sandbox. The CAS and non-canonical aspects are what makes one simmer’s show/story different from another simmer’s.

So note that [if I never did put the Racing Men in STM], the entire show might have been cancelled in early-2014. Aren’t you glad I’ve chosen an approach where I can maintain my interest in continuing the series?

As always, the show’s NOT over unless I explicitly say it is.


STM 2.06(B) – 55% – Screenshot Preview

STM 2.06(B) is more challenging than 2.06(C), and I proceeded with the more difficult part first. Now at 55% completion, there is a decent-to-good chance for the full episode to be available in late October or early November.

2.06(B) is the middle segment of my original long script for STM 2.06. This part contains a mixture of Sims 2 & Sims 3 scenes, and focuses more on Veronaville than Strangetown.

Here are the two (of the three) types of scenes to expect in this part:

Sims 2: Baptiste, the Red Racing Man in Hyde Dynamic Veronaville, or “The Referee” in the [Football / Soccer Match Screenshot Story], which takes place in a STM Alternate Universe. This “Sports Live Update” Parody may tide you over till I’ve completed the main STM episode.

WHO is he talking to in this scene… and why?
There’s still time for you to guess in the “Other 5 Racing Men” [Poll]

Sims 3: This Consort & Contessa Capp screenshot is more of a Blooper, since mobile phones were not commonplace in the Watcher World in the late 1970s.

I will show you the 3rd type of scene in a later post, when I’m closer to finishing.

Remember, as long as I’m in good health, the show is NOT over unless I explicitly say so. Take care, and thank you for checking my updates.

STM204 Update, Story Arcs, Roaring Heights

STM 2.04‘s set is confirmed. Filming has started.
– If I have time, the show may be out during Christmas 2013. If not, it’ll be the first episode of 2014.
– Part of this episode will be similar to STM 1.10 & 1.11. The other part will be more like STM 2.02.

– NOTE on [STM Season 2 Story Arcs]: remember what the show focuses on.
(Link changed: Jan 1, 2014)

– Sims 3 World [Roaring Heights] will feature younger versions of Consort & Contessa Capp (Kent Capp’s parents). The promotional article didn’t show any of their kids, but it’s possible that Contessa may be pregnant with their firstborn.

[STM Analysis: Monte Vista, Roaring Heights, Veronaville & Retcon]

STM 203 – 80% (Hyde, Specter & Son – Midnight Hollow)

I am happy to announce that STM 2.03 is 80% filmed & edited, with an imminent October release, assuming there are no last minute major problems.

The Bella scene is probably one of my least favorite to film and edit, alongside the nightmare of the Grunt house in STM 1.06. You probably know Pleasantview is never my cup of tea. But the rest of the multi-plot STM 2.03 is fun to put together.

It appears that EA created their first default sim named “Hyde” In Midnight Hollow. However, Lucien Hyde looks nothing like me – his appearance is that of a Marilyn Manson spoof, and his personality that of a perpetually sad tortured artist. It’s also significant that this Hyde is put into the same town as Specter & Son.

I was smiling at how the EA promotional interview referred to him as “Hyde”, especially since I do that “last name reference” quite a bit in STM. Not just for my own character, but for just about any adult male with a unique surname. The only females who get this “last name treatment” are Monty & Specter – the strong & individualistic women.

Sims “Canon” vs “Fanon”

StrangeTown Monty is my own version of what happened to the default (canon) characters in Veronaville and Strangetown, so the story is properly classified as “fanon”.

We should also NOT confuse “what happened to a character in someone’s sim story” (fanon) with “the game creators’ official version of the character” (canon).

Perhaps this will be clearer if I explain using the Goth Family. These are examples of “fanon” that proves to be completely different, or even at odds with, canon info.

Sims1 CANON: – Mortimer & Bella Goth are [Read Full Post…]

STM: Sims2 Veronaville vs Sims3 Monte Vista

StrangeTown Monty 2.01 is approximately 35% complete. Season 2 will be filmed with Sims2, and its plot continues directly after 1.11 (ie NOT a prequel). The final three “sketches” in STM 1.11 tell you what other subplots will be explored, alongside the main storyline involving Monty’s daughter & Capp’s son.

Sims3 Monte Vista gave me a big headache in terms of filming technicalities, so I decided to bypass it altogether. To make things worse, Bianca’s generation has a different birth order in STM [Article Text Updated 25/03/2013], so it’s harder for me to use the pre-created family in Monte Vista. I’ve even tried cloning them and changing their ages, but Sims3 is STILL a pain to film with.

Flashbacks in Season 2 will be done similarly to STM 1.09’s “swing incident”. I’d like to remind everyone that 1.09 was done in August 2012, before the public knew anything about Sims3 Monte Vista, so Bianca & Antonio remain the same as they were in that episode.

Patrizio dyed his hair. I never thought of him as “Doctor Monty”, or Isabella as a “hip journalist Mom” until Sims3 retconned them out of their Sims2 adult culinary careers.

Machinima on Other Sims 2/3 Towns (besides Pleasantview)

[UPDATE – Nov 13, 2013] People who have succeeded (or have a good chance of completing the process) are featured on the [SimsDynamic YT Channel]. I reserve the right to decide who gets featured.

It appears that the “first three” neighborhoods of the Sims 2 Base Game (Pleasantview, Strangetown & Veronaville) possess a certain charm that has yet to be replicated by any other Sims 2/3 neighborhood.

As a result, we don’t see many machinima series with good stories featuring any of these other neighborhoods. Nothing predominantly about Belladonna Cove, Desiderata Valley, Riverblossom Hills, Bridgeport, Twinbrook, Riverview, Moonlight Falls etc. I’ve seen some aborted attempts at Sunset Valley though.

But there are PLENTY of Pleasantview series on YouTube. It IS the easiest neighborhood to write a story on, since it’s a normal suburb with typical soap-opera scandals. It is easier to attain fame via the standard formula for success in mainstream genres, but it’s also harder to be original & interesting. In any case, how different can PV stories be if they are largely restricted to the same default characters?

A small number of directors have also tried Strangetown & Veronaville, and I would like to see more. I don’t mean “high school drama” but the unique issues of the neighborhood that concern mainly the adults — eg. Veronaville feud.
(I understand many machinima directors are teenagers, so a teen-focused story tends to be the first thing they can identify with. But these have been done too often, and the storylines are largely similar, only with names changed.)

But I’m also wondering who’s up for a challenge:
[1] to write an original & compelling story based on the less-used default neighborhoods
(anything BUT Pleasantview),
[2] turn it into well-done machinima, and
[3] see it through to completion.

Did I worry that nobody will watch [my show] because it’s NOT about Pleasantview? If you have a compelling story and solid production quality, your viewers WILL come.

I made Strangetown interesting, & turned Bianca Monty from a Veronaville extra into a full-fledged Science Fiction heroine. Why don’t YOU be the one to breathe life into one of these unsung Sims towns?

[EDIT – July 4, 2013] – If you’re writing a story about a default neighborhood, the MAJORITY of the characters should be the pre-made ones. Otherwise, your audience gets the wrong expectations of your show.

– For this challenge, you CAN have a small number of original CAS characters (major or minor), for the purposes of plot variation. But the main storyline MUST be for the default pre-made characters.

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