Character Doubles in STM

[Update: Oct 24 2014] STM 205(B) is almost 70% done. But I have several busy weeks ahead, so the completion is still likely to be late-Nov or Dec 2014.

Since it’s a direct continuation of STM 205(A), it’s quite clear that the episode will focus mainly on the investigation. Ms Monty will also be returning, after her silence during this story arc. Time in the STM Universe may pass differently from time in the Watcher World.

[Oct 12 2014] There is a [STM Battle on the Sims Wikia Fanon Portal], pitting Vidcund Curious vs Kent Capp. If you like, you can go there to vote, but please be careful to follow the Sims Wikia rules when doing so. If you prefer not to vote on Sims Wikia, (the timer has run out on the Sims Wikia) you can place a quick vote here on this handy poll.

Default Kent Capp is more likely to be interpreted as a double for Nervous Subject, since they both have similar positions in their default family portraits, as the single man living with a married couple (who look like doubles of each other too).

But in STM, Kent’s resemblance to Vidcund is more pronounced, both in terms of physical appearance and in social status.

To top it off, their direct supervisors are also their doubles, as they have first names that rhyme with theirs (Duncan Xu & Trent Ivanov), possible because I am more used to refer to these cars (oops, I mean “guys”) by their last names alone. This extra doubling is another reason (besides the idea that they are both naturalized into their adopted culture) why I chose not to make the Two Men go by standard Chinese or Russian first names.

Similarly, the default Bianca Monty is more likely to be compared with Cassandra Goth, as Family sims who may have some tendencies towards Knowledge too.

But in STM, Bianca’s double is Erin Beaker, another intelligent and strong woman with a reasonably close relationship with her brother. In STM episodes which do not focus directly on Bianca, the spotlight is on Erin instead.

Which single father is holding up more successfully? General Buzz Grunt or Antonio Monty? Are they another pair of doubles?

STM 2.05(B) is slightly more than 50% complete. A late November 2014 release is possible, but December is more likely. Remember that a working (young) adult has 1001 more responsibilities and less personal time than those who only need to worry about school or college.

In an earlier post, I have mentioned that I also changed the computer I use for Sims, and restarted the STM neighborhoodboth of which take up the time I would have used for video production. I  have persisted in this project despite all the odds against me getting anything done, in a year that I have known in advance to be busy.

Some parts of 2.05(B) are very experimental. The dialogue was notoriously difficult to finalize, as I rewrote the script at least twice…

STM 2.05(B) – 30%

Update: Oct 5 2014 — STM 2.05(B) is about 45% done.

Sep 21 2014 — STM2.05(B): The most difficult scene is finally filmed and edited, but the entire show is only about 30% complete. The good news is that I’m now running Sims2 on Windows 8.1, so STM 2.05(B) will be the first episode to be in widescreen.

As a result, there were some scenes meant for 2.05(B) which were shot in the 4:3 resolution during the 2.05(A) days, before I decided to split the episode. Those scenes had to be re-filmed.

I also restarted the entire STM merged neighborhood. Some of the sets have been redesigned in a minor way. I have kept most of the sets very similar to what you saw in the preceding episodes: Bianca Monty‘s house, the Curious Brothers’ Observatory, the Specter/Grimm Estate, Ajay Loner‘s shack, and the two Hyde Dynamic buildings (one next to Specter’s house, the other one mile outside Strangetown).

I’m aiming for a November/December 2014 release for 2.05(B). The script for episode 2.05 is twice the length of my usual scripts, so it feels like two episodes. Seems like I’ve accurately estimated my 2014 video project timeline.

STM Official Hiatus: Football Season

[EDIT: May 30 2014] Can you identify the four premade sims who have become Observers in this [new karaoke video]?

[StrangeTown Monty] is officially on a two-month production hiatus.
I have been put on a busy “Secret Project”, and I will be watching the World Cup when I’m off work.
Meanwhile, I am also resetting my STM Sims 2 neighborhood — Specter’s graveyard may be one of the reasons.

This means that I will only continue full filming/editing of my main STM machinima project in July 2014.

During these two months…
– It is possible for me to upload “small” Sims videos similar to the karaoke video, but not limited to that.
– I will still be semi-active in forums / wikias etc.
– You may also check my [Racing YT Channel] for signs of activity.

Sims Freeplay Fans: The “Saddle Up” Update is not a good enough incentive for me to return to Freeplay for now. The thought of draining my sims’ “life activity hours” with the quest’s tasks is not particularly appealing, since I still have to repeatedly pay LP to reset my sims’ age meter.

Those gaming hours permanently lost on Sims Freeplay could have very well been spent on Sims 2 or 3. With so little time, I should only bother with sims worlds that I can control to a satisfying extent.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sims for PC, that football picture is made using Sims 2.

Computer Crisis: Recovery

My computer (the one with Sims2) recently crashed, and I did not hesitate to get a new one.

But I have yet to find the time to reinstall/patch ALL my Sims2 EPs & SPs. It gets trickier because I avert the intrusive S***rom on the latter EPs, and nuke all the default NPCs & townies, before I even put in my active neighborhoods.

I am pleased that the June 2012 version of my Sims games files are safely backed up. Technically, I can resume STM without any major disruptions ONCE I GET THE TIME to reinstall the Sims2 game.

These days, I’m on a rather heavy workload, which will persist for quite a while. If only I don’t feel so mentally exhausted when I actually have any time left… 😦

Expect Racing stuff to become a regular fixture on my YT Channel. SOME of the future racing videos may actually have subtitles, when bizarre things (sometimes orchestrated by me 😉 ) happen in between the starting and ending flags. Racing doesn’t offer as much storytelling possibilities as Sims, but you’ll never know with AH… 😮
I even dropped you a hint in STM #8.

Bizarre things also happen in my Sims Machinima. I put in more thought & effort into my Sims videos, so they appear less often, and we can all be glad when they actually appear. 🙂

If you happen to play your Sims2 on Windows 7, please leave a reply (comment) on this post about your experiences installing / patching / running the game, since I read that [it can be quite a nightmare].