The Son of Capp Returneth (STM 2.01: 100%)

StrangeTown Monty Season 2 opens with the return of the Son of Capp into the Daughter of Monty’s life. How will the long separation affect them? Meanwhile, Nick Grimm (formerly Nervous Subject) seems to be freed from oppression, but will his “old personality” affect his ability to succeed in his new life? How will his ward, Ophelia Nigmos, respond to him?

I like it when my viewers think & analyze the story, rewatch the series for details, and if they wish, discuss it with me. We don’t insult a gourmet chef by rapidly gulping down his signature dishes, and demanding him to quickly cook another similar recipe.

I am pleased to have accurately estimated the release period. A six-week buffer is quite safe, assuming that my work conditions don’t change too drastically.

[StrangeTown Monty 2.01: Son of Capp]

“Racing Day” has been relaunched with my *new* INSTANT-Replay method.
[Switzerland 6: Full Rampage]


Computer Crisis: Recovery

My computer (the one with Sims2) recently crashed, and I did not hesitate to get a new one.

But I have yet to find the time to reinstall/patch ALL my Sims2 EPs & SPs. It gets trickier because I avert the intrusive S***rom on the latter EPs, and nuke all the default NPCs & townies, before I even put in my active neighborhoods.

I am pleased that the June 2012 version of my Sims games files are safely backed up. Technically, I can resume STM without any major disruptions ONCE I GET THE TIME to reinstall the Sims2 game.

These days, I’m on a rather heavy workload, which will persist for quite a while. If only I don’t feel so mentally exhausted when I actually have any time left… 😦

Expect Racing stuff to become a regular fixture on my YT Channel. SOME of the future racing videos may actually have subtitles, when bizarre things (sometimes orchestrated by me 😉 ) happen in between the starting and ending flags. Racing doesn’t offer as much storytelling possibilities as Sims, but you’ll never know with AH… 😮
I even dropped you a hint in STM #8.

Bizarre things also happen in my Sims Machinima. I put in more thought & effort into my Sims videos, so they appear less often, and we can all be glad when they actually appear. 🙂

If you happen to play your Sims2 on Windows 7, please leave a reply (comment) on this post about your experiences installing / patching / running the game, since I read that [it can be quite a nightmare].