April Fools Simlish

I wanted to publish a STM April Fools Video, but had no time 😦 The idea is still intact, so it will likely appear sometime in future.

The official STM #8 is 40% complete. I can only work on it when I have the time.

Directors United went Simlish for April Fools. The leaderboard & all their announcements were “translated” into a Simlish font. Such Simlish fonts are amusing because they bear some resemblance to the original English alphabet, so they are still recognizable & readable to some extent.

We can’t really “learn” Simlish, because only *some* of the words have established English translations. (Eg. “Nooboo”: Baby; “Woohoo”: Sexual Intercourse)

If EVERY word in Simlish is translatable into English, the phrases sims say will be locked down in fixed meanings, becoming repetitive & boring. An ambiguous gibberish language like Simlish allows fluidity of interpretation, which helps to keep the game fresh.

The Simlish in StrangeTown Monty works on the level of *voice expression* instead of *specific words*.

My Blog “Sticky Note” (as well as some of the banners/images) has also changed, so that my stance on major matters can be seen on the front page.