STM 2.08(A) Status Updates & Related Reflections

โ€‹Sims 2 Estranged Misfits / Black Sheep: Lilith Pleasant (Pleasantview), Ripp Grunt (Strangetown), Kent Capp (Veronaville)

[EDIT: Sep 6 2017] 2.08(A) is approaching 90%, with this [preview screenshot], and an imminent release sometime next week… mid-Sept, if all goes according to schedule.

Meanwhile, you may want to check out this [List of Sims Quizzes], containing various Sims canon and STM-related quizzes made by me.

Since there are so many quizzes now, it makes more sense to dedicate an entire page to them, instead of listing multiple image buttons on the side/menu bar
(now there’s only one image button for this quiz page, a handy shortcut for all). This list will be updated whenever I think of new quizzes. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

[EDIT: Aug 26 2017] 2.08(A) is into its [3rd scene – preview screenshot], with the overall completion rate around 70-75%. At this rate, there is an excellent chance for the episode to appear in mid-September ๐Ÿ™‚

[EDIT: Aug 15 2017] Made some progress on the second scene at [Specter Yard – see preview pic], so the overall episode completion status is approximately 50-55%.

If all goes well, 2.08(A) MAY possibly be released around mid-September 2017.

[EDIT: Aug 8 2017] Been busy over the past weeks… I haven’t even uploaded any RACES :/ But I’ve gone too far into the STM episode to back out now, so stay tuned for more updates.

[EDIT: July 18 2017] STM 2.08(A) is now about 35% complete, with new picture previews of [Bianca] and [Kent]… is this just another regular work day at the HD Lab? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Original Post: July 4 2017
While I was busy doing GODP for the first half of 2017, I had been revising the STM Scripts, and even filmed two of the scenes of the upcoming 2.08(A). However, now I am not satisfied with one of the scenes, and will have to redo it :/

So, as of July 4 2017, the completion status of 2.08(A) is 15%.

STM is such a long-drawn project, because I am not in the mood to do filming/editing everyday, as these tasks require strong Focused and/or Inspired moodlets.

However, there are relatively few (6) episodes left, I will try my best to complete them. All the scripts from 2.08(A) to 2.12 that I’ve reviewed, are feasible both as machinima and as screenshot stories.

(The latter will be my last resort, IN CASE I no longer have the hardware and/or the time to finish *all of them* in machinima form. I will try to produce *at least 3* of them as machinima episodes, and the rest as screenshot chapters. I guess this is better than leaving the story “unfinished”.)

I have been on this STM project for so many years, and I want to BOTH complete it AND do it justice. I am grateful to the fans who checked my updates, believe in me, and stayed subscribed all these years. How could I have made it this far without you? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€‹Sims 2 Single Fathers: Darren Dreamer (Pleasantview), General Buzz Grunt (Strangetown), Antonio Monty (Veronaville)

We must acknowledge that Sims 2 is an “old” game (2004-2008) by 2017 standards, and that among the active simmers today, a substantial portion of them MAY no longer care about Sims 2, since they may be more likely to play Sims 3 (2009-2013) or Sims 4 (2014- ).

In 2017, stories written about Sims 2 premade characters may possibly be in even less demand than ever before. I’m not sure how many simmers feel a greater affinity towards Sims 3/4 premade characters than their Sims 2 counterparts.

Anyway, simmers generally care more about pure gameplay than using the game as a storytelling engine. Some of them who use it as a storytelling engine may only care about their own custom-made sims.

At least that’s what my short experiment in writing GODP has shown me. Simmers are less likely to want to READ than WATCH something, even if there’s Pleasantview in it. I’m not going to go into this neighborhood popularity debate all over again, as I understand that I am hardly a mainstream sort of writer.

Some authors may have started off writing fan fiction, then moved on to greater things. After many successful years of STM, it is highly possible that I may choose to branch out into non-Sims fiction writing in future, as the potential audience for
such written works is much larger. Not to mention the chances of finally being PAID (financially) for the hard work and effort I put in to my stories, especially if there’s enough fan support


The Adventures in Specter’s Yard

Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully 2015 will be a good year for Sims storytelling, with enough time and stamina for me to complete more videos.

Grunt vs Specter is only the beginning of “The Adventures in Specter’s Yard” subplot of STM, as you already know that other players will be literally entering the “field” for action. The two minor plots intersect at one character (The Girl is Important. She Must Live.) The major plot of the three Veronaville Natives — their history, current prospects and the Veronaville Device — returns to the forefront.

STM 2.06’s script is ready enough for filming to start very soon.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying Sims 4 more than I enjoyed Sims 3 in its day. Here is Prometheus Hyde, Sims4-style. While I am extremely pleased with the default blue skin tone and hair color, I would greatly appreciate the correct beard to be made available in the earliest possible Expansion Pack.

Dr Prometheus Hyde - Sims 4

STM Posters (circa 2.06)

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from the STM Universe! ๐Ÿ™‚
I have most of the script for STM 2.06 sorted out, except for half of one scene. Filming is likely to begin after Christmas, or after the start of the New Year.

I thought of creating STM Christmas pictures, but decided to do something else that looks good all year round.

STM Posters (Click to Load Pics):
Veronaville Natives: Antonio & Bianca Monty; Kent Capp
Patriarches & Matriarch: General Buzz Grunt; PT #9 Smith; Olive Specter
Minor Plots: Loki & Erin Beaker; Vidcund Curious; Nick Grimm

I am still investigating the possibilities in Sims 4. The sims definitely look nicer than they did in Sims 3, but the hairstyles and choice of clothes’ colors are still lacking.

Capp Family 1988

I tend to run into time shortages at this period of the year. STM 203 is still about 30-40% done, but I will try my best to complete it.

Meanwhile, here is the family who should have been in Sims 3 Monte Vista. You will be seeing these Capps here and there in the next few STM episodes.

Go to [this page] to compare them with my corresponding “Monty Family 1988” portrait.

Free Sims Banners for YouTube OneChannel

Before starting on STM 2.02, I made a [Trailer featuring Kent Capp], for the SimsDynamic YT Channel.

– Are you a Sims Fan who wishes to have a Sims-related banner for your own YouTube channel, but may or may not have your own Sims series and/or your own graphics editor?

Currently Available in 3 Flavors:

  • Pleasantview: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
  • Strangetown: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
  • Veronaville: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
    (All Sims are portrayed in their default appearance.)
    – The full graphics are of the exact size (2120×1192)** to upload directly as the YouTube channel banner. Designing this requires one to juggle optimization for desktops, tablets & TVs all at once.

    ** YT has since changed their preferred size to (2560×1440), but (2120×1192) still works perfectly.

    – Characters not within the “minimum zone” (that appears on all resolutions & devices) will only be visible on larger screen resolutions.
    – Depending on your screen resolution, some sims on the left may be covered by your channel avatar. The higher your screen resolution, the less likely these sims are covered.

    – Suggestions are welcome, but I reserve the right to follow through with them (or not). I could consider making other Sims nhoods, or generic topics like “Goth Family” or “StrangeTown Monty”, if enough people express their interest.

    – If it’s a topic very specifically for your channel alone, your relationship score with me (like how it works in the Sims game) has to be HIGH enough.
    Please DO NOT redistribute my work on any other site,
    but feel free to link directly to this URL:
    (Shortened URL directly to this download page)

    If you enjoy these, or have suggestions for possible banners, let me know what you think in the comments.

  • STM: Sims2 Veronaville vs Sims3 Monte Vista

    StrangeTown Monty 2.01 is approximately 35% complete. Season 2 will be filmed with Sims2, and its plot continues directly after 1.11 (ie NOT a prequel). The final three “sketches” in STM 1.11 tell you what other subplots will be explored, alongside the main storyline involving Monty’s daughter & Capp’s son.

    Sims3 Monte Vista gave me a big headache in terms of filming technicalities, so I decided to bypass it altogether. To make things worse, Bianca’s generation has a different birth order in STM [Article Text Updated 25/03/2013], so it’s harder for me to use the pre-created family in Monte Vista. I’ve even tried cloning them and changing their ages, but Sims3 is STILL a pain to film with.

    Flashbacks in Season 2 will be done similarly to STM 1.09’s “swing incident”. I’d like to remind everyone that 1.09 was done in August 2012, before the public knew anything about Sims3 Monte Vista, so Bianca & Antonio remain the same as they were in that episode.

    Patrizio dyed his hair. I never thought of him as “Doctor Monty”, or Isabella as a “hip journalist Mom” until Sims3 retconned them out of their Sims2 adult culinary careers.

    Moonlight Falls Irony

    After a long hiatus from Sims3, I have recently got back into it after buying the Supernatural EP. I finally got to see a possible Sims 3 version of my Hyde Wolf.
    Even funnier, while playing as a ghost hunter in Moonlight Falls

    Sims 3 Moonlight Falls: Goth Ghost Irony

    Seems like the Goth Ghosts don’t play well with OTHER kinds of apparitions…
    Since I had been in the Sims 3 universe for the past weeks,
    I didn’t have much time to be in the Sims 2 STM world.
    But of course, I will be going back in sometime soon to continue STM 1.11.