STM Reupload

There were problems with STM episodes 1.06 – 2.02, so I decided to reupload them all. I’m not a Popularity sim, so the viewcount reset does not bother me. This has nothing to do with the series chronology / timeline. The next episode to expect after STM 2.05(A) is *still* STM 2.05(B).

I’m still busy with my Secret Project, so I won’t be answering many messages, and STM remains on hiatus. But I’m definitely continuing the show, as soon as I’m able to.

STM Official Hiatus: Football Season

[EDIT: May 30 2014] Can you identify the four premade sims who have become Observers in this [new karaoke video]?

[StrangeTown Monty] is officially on a two-month production hiatus.
I have been put on a busy “Secret Project”, and I will be watching the World Cup when I’m off work.
Meanwhile, I am also resetting my STM Sims 2 neighborhood — Specter’s graveyard may be one of the reasons.

This means that I will only continue full filming/editing of my main STM machinima project in July 2014.

During these two months…
– It is possible for me to upload “small” Sims videos similar to the karaoke video, but not limited to that.
– I will still be semi-active in forums / wikias etc.
– You may also check my [Racing YT Channel] for signs of activity.

Sims Freeplay Fans: The “Saddle Up” Update is not a good enough incentive for me to return to Freeplay for now. The thought of draining my sims’ “life activity hours” with the quest’s tasks is not particularly appealing, since I still have to repeatedly pay LP to reset my sims’ age meter.

Those gaming hours permanently lost on Sims Freeplay could have very well been spent on Sims 2 or 3. With so little time, I should only bother with sims worlds that I can control to a satisfying extent.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sims for PC, that football picture is made using Sims 2.

Temporary Standstill

Going through a rough patch now. Production on ALL my Sims & Racing videos halted until further notice. I will be back when things get better for me – won’t want to waste those good scripts.

OverworkedIn future, I’ll release Sims videos on the same day as my Racing stuff (as you’ve seen on STM 2.01’s release day). Just watch whatever you feel like watching, and never give up on Dr Hyde.