Time Travel

The football season isn’t quite over, so I’ve not yet returned to creating STM.

Meanwhile, take a look at this new machinima by a promising new director. By 2014, I think stories of the Goth family (and Pleasantview) are overdone ad nauseam by too many fans, at the expense of other characters of other towns. I have always been neutral towards the Goth family, and have always preferred other sims to them.

But I’ll make a positive exception for this show, because the director approaches this family from an angle that I particularly like.

[The Goths Through Time, Episode 1, by Dutchlishsim]

Sims Freeplay fans: I won’t bother with the Carnival Update, if I still have to pay to keep my sims alive. My sims are perfectly happy after I relocated them to Sims 2/3 (at least they have more diverse facial structures now). I will also check out Sims 4 when it becomes available. PC versions are always better, since they are not so watered-down.

At the moment, I have no immediate plans to go back to Sims Freeplay, but I will still check out FP-related news.

STM Official Hiatus: Football Season

[EDIT: May 30 2014] Can you identify the four premade sims who have become Observers in this [new karaoke video]?

[StrangeTown Monty] is officially on a two-month production hiatus.
I have been put on a busy “Secret Project”, and I will be watching the World Cup when I’m off work.
Meanwhile, I am also resetting my STM Sims 2 neighborhood — Specter’s graveyard may be one of the reasons.

This means that I will only continue full filming/editing of my main STM machinima project in July 2014.

During these two months…
– It is possible for me to upload “small” Sims videos similar to the karaoke video, but not limited to that.
– I will still be semi-active in forums / wikias etc.
– You may also check my [Racing YT Channel] for signs of activity.

Sims Freeplay Fans: The “Saddle Up” Update is not a good enough incentive for me to return to Freeplay for now. The thought of draining my sims’ “life activity hours” with the quest’s tasks is not particularly appealing, since I still have to repeatedly pay LP to reset my sims’ age meter.

Those gaming hours permanently lost on Sims Freeplay could have very well been spent on Sims 2 or 3. With so little time, I should only bother with sims worlds that I can control to a satisfying extent.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sims for PC, that football picture is made using Sims 2.

Sims Freeplay: Forced Update

I do not bring good tidings for the Sims Freeplay. I couldn’t load my game today, unless I download their Death Update (oops, I mean “Life Dreams Update”).

I last read on Perturbee’s SFP Forum that it now costs 12 LPs (instead of 18LPs) to stop an Adult sim (with a maxed age meter) from turning into an Senior. (That’s what happens when you don’t see it first-hand in your own game.) According to TheGirlWhoGames, it now costs 3LP to reset an Adult sim’s maxed age meter. This sum does not permanently immunize your sim, but has to be paid over and over again.

Seems like EA/Firemonkeys gave a “discount”, but retained the overall spirit of forced aging, without a manageable way to control it for free (or with minimal accessible effort). As it is right now, I will NOT play SFP at all, as I refuse to let my sims suffer in a world in which I, as their Watcher, have little control. Even if they are all fictitious characters.

But I will still check on news of SFP updates. Good or bad news, I will likely blog about it. I guess I still care after all,* though all the time and effort I put into SFP has probably gone down the drain.

I have played multiple Sims games over many years, but none has disappointed me so thoroughly like Sims Freeplay.

As the Watcher over my sims, I am taking them away from a SFP land plagued with the Death Update, to a Sims 3 neighborhood of milk and honey, where they are immune to the ravages of time.

* Until I switched to Sims 4 in Dec 2014.

Sims Freeplay: Life “Dreams” Update – or Nightmare?

EDIT (Dec 2014): Since the launch of the Sims 4, I have given up on Sims Freeplay. Though the Sims 4 requires me to be in front of my laptop, I can satisfactorily control the aging of some / all of my characters. In this full paid PC/Mac version of Sims 4, the gameplay is more substantial (not watered down), and the sim characters are more diverse in appearance and personality.

There is a limit to the number of gaming hours a working adult has, and I’ll rather use them in a Sims world that I am pleased with.

My Original Article (Published in March 2014):

The point of playing any Sims games is to create a world of the players’ own liking. While there are common rules / features to maintain a sense of order, there should also enough room for players to decide for themselves how exactly they want their Sims universes to operate. Sims games are appealing because they have some similarities to real life, yet enough room for varying levels of “fantasy”, so that players may successfully take breaks from their real lives, to a (better) alternate Sims reality. The mobile App, Sims Freeplay, is particularly appealing for busy players on the go.

The problem with Sims Freeplay’s “Life Dreams Update”: aging / death spins out of control for players who [Click to Continue Reading…]

Sims Freeplay

Do any of you PC simmers play [Sims Freeplay] on mobile? I recently started after getting a handset upgrade. It’s a good way to stay in touch with Sims on the go, when I’m too tired/busy to load Sims on PC.

It offers quite a lot for a free game, and is quite addictive. But the Sims’ faces, voices & personalities are rather simplified. Anything more complicated would hog our device’s resources too much. Forget about making machinima with such a watered-down game.

I refuse to pay real money for Life Points & Simoleons. I also prefer to keep my game to myself, & not use the “Social” / “Neighbors” function at all. Anyway, I read that it can be buggy, so your Sim may be permanently stranded in your friend’s Alternate Universe.

At the time of writing, I’m around Level 23. I’ve completed the “Simoleon Sprout”, “Mysterious Island” & “Osiris” quests. Feel free to share your experiences 🙂

EDIT: To “Practice Making Films” in the Actor Career, you need to build the “Promotions R Us” Community Shop first. Then buy the “Movie Camera” for $2000. Take it out of your inventory to place in your relevant house. This item will help you gain job performance in the Actor Career. Other items in this shop will help you rise in other careers.

I just happen to be a [machinima director], hence the reference to film-making.