The Road Not Taken: AH on Voiceover Logistics, Pleasantview “Copiers” & Doons99P’s Pleasantview

– as the age/gender demographic differs greatly from…
– how different can one Pleasantview plot be from another, especially if the story sticks with mainly the default characters?
– Instead of being upset about the lack of closure of her PV series…

EDIT (Feb 18, 2014): Note the original date of this post. Doons has come in and out of hiatus several times since then.

You might wonder why I use Simlish for StrangeTown Monty. For Machinima on Default Sims neighborhoods, the Simlish approach may be more convenient & effective than the logistical nightmare of getting human voiceovers who speak English.

Human voiceovers are more feasible in “realistic machinima” (those with recognizable real-world settings, Continue reading The Road Not Taken: AH on Voiceover Logistics, Pleasantview “Copiers” & Doons99P’s Pleasantview

STM #7 Poll; AH is Overworked

STM #7 POLL: VOTE NOW! Poll closes on the day of STM #8’s release.

STM is VERY intricate work. It’s something I enjoy doing, & want it done well.

I have been *very* overworked lately, so I’m not in the best frame of mind during my “leisure” these days. That’s why I have deferred STM #8, until my schedule frees up, so that it’s possible for me to enjoy filming/editing it.

Keep this in mind: Machinima is a hobby that I engage in when I have the time & energy. I choose to share my videos with the public because I know many of you will enjoy them. I don’t owe anybody anything.

Having said that, I have the right to upload *ANY* video I like , anytime I wish, on my YouTube channel. Don’t permanently SCAR them (with Dislikes) just because they are not the ones you are expecting. You won’t want others to do that to you, so don’t do that to me.

This applies even if I upload videos which seem more like Gameplay than like Machinima, or if the videos aren’t targeted to a Sims audience. It’s MY YT channel. Same thing for my Blog/Site. For me, it takes less mental power to write new stuff for my site than to create machinima.

Meanwhile, just check my blog regularly, & hope my schedule frees up as soon as possible. I can’t give any absolute release dates on any of my work. Just remember that STM is something I look forward to doing, & want to do WELL. Thanks for your support, patience & understanding πŸ™‚

STM#7 – 100% – Longer Updates – CoOH 5.4

2012-01-06: STM #7 has come to light πŸ˜€

“Progress Updates” were too short, & took up too much space on the sidebar. By changing them to blog format, I am free to write longer updates, and periodically recommend others’ work.

Have been tweaking the site’s overall structure to maximize user-friendliness. Now the site is better-adjusted across most major desktop/laptop/mobile browsers πŸ˜€ As much as I enjoy creating machinima, I like to keep improving its associated website. πŸ™‚ The latter requires less hard work.

STM #8‘s script is finally confirmed, which means production may begin shortly.

I’ve also just watched Chronosym’s CoOH 5.4 “Soaring Heights”. You might recognize the cop who chased Loki in STM#7 πŸ™‚

STM#6 Complete – CoOH 5.2

STM #6 took slightly longer because I had nightmares filming in the Grunt house.
Released: Oct 20 2011 – Watch it HERE

The events of STM #6 (Order) take place more than 12 sim hours after where STM #5 left off. But STM #7 (title to be announced later) will be immediately after the events of STM #5. The reasons for this unusual chronology will be obvious after you watch STM #7.

You can also watch the latest installment of MY favorite series:
(Chronicles of Old Haven: Simlish Series of “Old Town” from “Sims 1 Unleashed”).
Episode 2 is a significant improvement from Episode 1. It deserves more views than it’s currently getting.

Thank you all for your patience & support πŸ™‚