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Have you read the [FAQ Page] yet for site info? If your question has not already been answered anywhere on this site, or if you need to contact me (for the first time) for any other valid reason:

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– If you prefer to send me a YouTube message, do so ONLY at channel “AldoHyde”.

– Don’t bother leaving me messages at ANY other Sims sites, as I don’t log in regularly to those places. I’m a busy man who needs to be selective about which sites I get email notifications from.

– All spam / hate mail are immediately fed to the Carnivorous Plant.

– While it’s possible that my choices in story approach, character aesthetics, production schedule, publicity priorities, and/or my perspectives / worldview may not be 100% to your liking, I DO NOT owe anyone anything. I simply share my art with those who sincerely appreciate my work.

I reserve the right to ignore any message / email, for ANY reason. If I don’t respond, *do not* push for a response. I strongly dislike attention-seekers who bug me persistently.

– I’m a nice guy. I won’t bite, especially if I interpret your words, behavior, attitude and intentions as intelligent and civil.