Common Mistakes: Grammar / Spelling

Last Edited: Feb 16, 2014
Don’t ruin a good video with bad spelling / grammar. These are the correct usages.

1. You’re a good machinima director, and I love your films. (You’re = “You are”)

2. It’s time to wrap up the book in plastic, to prevent its edges from getting bent.
(It’s = “It is”)

3. Their cars are parked over there.

4. There‘s too much food for me to eat. (There’s = There is.)

5A. She prefers James videos to John‘s movies.
– Proper names that end with “s” (or nouns that end with “s”) should have the apostrophe after the “s”,
ie. Jame’s & James’s are wrong.
– “Videos” is the plural of “video”. So there should be no apostrophe,
ie. video’s is wrong for this sentence. But…

5B. This video‘s voiceovers are too soft.
(As in, the voiceovers belonging to “this video”.)

6A. I have two TVs at home. / I have two television sets at home.
Are there any UFOs out tonight? / Did you buy the DVDs for the series?
(Plural of TV = TVs. TV’s is incorrect. But…)

6B. This TV‘s cable is not working.
(As in, the cable belonging to “this TV”.)

7. I’m going home now.
I can’t afford to miss the train. / I don’t want to miss the last bus.
(I’m = I am; can’t = cannot; don’t = do not)

More examples will be added as they come to mind.

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