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    Been plagued with stress lately, with work getting heavier in the later half of the year. So STM will still go on, but at a slower rate. I am starting on 2.03 soon, but I can’t estimate the completion period yet. There MAY still be Racing Days with no Sims videos, so even if you don’t see new Sims videos (yet), never give up on Dr Hyde. If Hyde doesn’t actually say it’s over, the show will go on.

    New Article on the STM Site:
    [For Non-Sims Players: Intro to StrangeTown Monty]

    When YouTube switched all users over to the OneChannel layout, it looked as if they were overhauling YT to be [Read Full Post…]

    Free Sims Banners for YouTube OneChannel

    Before starting on STM 2.02, I made a [Trailer featuring Kent Capp], for the SimsDynamic YT Channel.

    – Are you a Sims Fan who wishes to have a Sims-related banner for your own YouTube channel, but may or may not have your own Sims series and/or your own graphics editor?

    Currently Available in 3 Flavors:

  • Pleasantview: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
  • Strangetown: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
  • Veronaville: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
    (All Sims are portrayed in their default appearance.)
    – The full graphics are of the exact size (2120×1192)** to upload directly as the YouTube channel banner. Designing this requires one to juggle optimization for desktops, tablets & TVs all at once.

    ** YT has since changed their preferred size to (2560×1440), but (2120×1192) still works perfectly.

    – Characters not within the “minimum zone” (that appears on all resolutions & devices) will only be visible on larger screen resolutions.
    – Depending on your screen resolution, some sims on the left may be covered by your channel avatar. The higher your screen resolution, the less likely these sims are covered.

    – Suggestions are welcome, but I reserve the right to follow through with them (or not). I could consider making other Sims nhoods, or generic topics like “Goth Family” or “StrangeTown Monty”, if enough people express their interest.

    – If it’s a topic very specifically for your channel alone, your relationship score with me (like how it works in the Sims game) has to be HIGH enough.
    Please DO NOT redistribute my work on any other site,
    but feel free to link directly to this URL:
    (Shortened URL directly to this download page)

    If you enjoy these, or have suggestions for possible banners, let me know what you think in the comments.

  • Machinima on Other Sims 2/3 Towns (besides Pleasantview)

    [UPDATE – Nov 13, 2013] People who have succeeded (or have a good chance of completing the process) are featured on the [SimsDynamic YT Channel]. I reserve the right to decide who gets featured.

    It appears that the “first three” neighborhoods of the Sims 2 Base Game (Pleasantview, Strangetown & Veronaville) possess a certain charm that has yet to be replicated by any other Sims 2/3 neighborhood.

    As a result, we don’t see many machinima series with good stories featuring any of these other neighborhoods. Nothing predominantly about Belladonna Cove, Desiderata Valley, Riverblossom Hills, Bridgeport, Twinbrook, Riverview, Moonlight Falls etc. I’ve seen some aborted attempts at Sunset Valley though.

    But there are PLENTY of Pleasantview series on YouTube. It IS the easiest neighborhood to write a story on, since it’s a normal suburb with typical soap-opera scandals. It is easier to attain fame via the standard formula for success in mainstream genres, but it’s also harder to be original & interesting. In any case, how different can PV stories be if they are largely restricted to the same default characters?

    A small number of directors have also tried Strangetown & Veronaville, and I would like to see more. I don’t mean “high school drama” but the unique issues of the neighborhood that concern mainly the adults — eg. Veronaville feud.
    (I understand many machinima directors are teenagers, so a teen-focused story tends to be the first thing they can identify with. But these have been done too often, and the storylines are largely similar, only with names changed.)

    But I’m also wondering who’s up for a challenge:
    [1] to write an original & compelling story based on the less-used default neighborhoods
    (anything BUT Pleasantview),
    [2] turn it into well-done machinima, and
    [3] see it through to completion.

    Did I worry that nobody will watch [my show] because it’s NOT about Pleasantview? If you have a compelling story and solid production quality, your viewers WILL come.

    I made Strangetown interesting, & turned Bianca Monty from a Veronaville extra into a full-fledged Science Fiction heroine. Why don’t YOU be the one to breathe life into one of these unsung Sims towns?

    [EDIT – July 4, 2013] – If you’re writing a story about a default neighborhood, the MAJORITY of the characters should be the pre-made ones. Otherwise, your audience gets the wrong expectations of your show.

    – For this challenge, you CAN have a small number of original CAS characters (major or minor), for the purposes of plot variation. But the main storyline MUST be for the default pre-made characters.

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