Sims Freeplay: Life “Dreams” Update – or Nightmare?

EDIT (Dec 2014): Since the launch of the Sims 4, I have given up on Sims Freeplay. Though the Sims 4 requires me to be in front of my laptop, I can satisfactorily control the aging of some / all of my characters. In this full paid PC/Mac version of Sims 4, the gameplay is more substantial (not watered down), and the sim characters are more diverse in appearance and personality.

There is a limit to the number of gaming hours a working adult has, and I’ll rather use them in a Sims world that I am pleased with.

My Original Article (Published in March 2014):

The point of playing any Sims games is to create a world of the players’ own liking. While there are common rules / features to maintain a sense of order, there should also enough room for players to decide for themselves how exactly they want their Sims universes to operate. Sims games are appealing because they have some similarities to real life, yet enough room for varying levels of “fantasy”, so that players may successfully take breaks from their real lives, to a (better) alternate Sims reality. The mobile App, Sims Freeplay, is particularly appealing for busy players on the go.

The problem with Sims Freeplay’s “Life Dreams Update”: aging / death spins out of control for players who [Click to Continue Reading…]