STM 2.09 – 2.12: The Last Lap

What shocking revelations about the distant past finally explain the initial premise of the Veronaville Disaster? What closure can the underdogs of the Sims universe expect in the grand finale?

Hear the final whistle blowing…
[STM 2.12: Veronaville Secrets]

As stated in my FAQ post, I have retired from Sims Machinima/Stories after completing the last STM episode, since I need to concentrate on new projects in larger universes. Both my blogs and all my videos will remain up.

[EDIT] Oct 25 2018: Hopefully you’ve had fun digesting all of 2.11… seeing how it all makes sense in the light of the earlier episodes.

Expect the grand finale, STM 2.12, in the second week of Nov 2018.

[EDIT] Oct 8 2018: [STM 2.11 – Kenternate II] is the third of the “last lap” episodes.

What happened THAT night in the graveyard? For once, that ISN’T Specter Yard… 😮

There is plenty to digest in this long third quarter. Enjoy 🙂

[EDIT] Oct 6 2018: STM 2.11 is coming within the next few days…

[EDIT] Sep 25 2018: Hope you enjoyed STM 2.10!
The next episode, STM 2.11, would appear sometime during the second week of Oct 2018.
It’ll be much longer than 2.10…

[EDIT] Sep 8 2018: [STM 2.10 – Kenternate I] is the second of the “last lap” episodes. Some resolutions to the multiple cliffhangers in 2.09, and more probing questions, especially of how THAT baby looks like…

[EDIT] Aug 25 2018: Thank you everyone for reading STM 2.09!
The next episode, STM 2.10, would appear sometime during the second week of Sep 2018.

Orig Post: Aug 8 2018

[STM 2.09 – Identity] is the first of the four “last lap” screenshot chapter episodes of StrangeTown Monty, which take place in the main STM universe.

Expect the next three episodes to appear on the front page of the [STM Blog] in the coming months.

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