STM 2.08(B) – 100%

Happy New Year everyone! Once again, thank you to all simmers who had supported me and my work over the years! 😀

– Alarm bells sound at Hyde Dynamic Strangetown, but what is the true crisis?
– To what extent does the Secret Project logbook hold the answers to Kent Capp’s illness… and even the Veronaville Disaster?
– What/who will Jane Doe (Bella Goth) see, when she next opens her eyes?

[STM 2.08(B) – XB-602-1023 – Part 2]

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In 2018, look out for the next episode, STM 2.09… and another brand new Sims screenshot series. All I will say is: even though Sims2Player is involved again, there wouldn’t be any football in this new tale 😉 Stay tuned!