New Story Coming Soon

[EDIT: Feb 23 2017] It’s been a while. I’ve been writing the chapters of the new story (mysterious Pleasantview character).

I am likely to announce this new series around end-Feb to early March. Chapters will appear in 1-2 week intervals, and will run concurrently with my planning for the next stage of STM.

You still have time to guess who this character is, by voting in the poll 😉

Original Post: Jan 29 2017

To be clear, my main STM Machinima Series is NOT cancelled. I just need more time to settle the scripts, before I can resume filming.

In the meantime, I am planning another new Sims tale. It’s NOT a “Pleasantview story” that focuses on “all the families”.

Instead, I will choose one canon character as the focus of this short tale.

The question is, WHO will this character be? 😉

All will be revealed in the next few weeks, so start guessing now! 🙂

If you like, you may include your reasons for your guess in the comments section.