STM 2.07(B) – 100% – Contest Question

Happy New Year! 😀 Here is the fully completed STM 2.07(B), which is about the same length as Part (A).

Kent Capp crashes a Monty sibling reunion. Ajay Loner and Erin Beaker reflect on the “Bella Goth Case”, and their association with the Specter Yard gardeners…

Watch Now: [STM 2.07(B) – Breaking Point – Part 2]

**Spoiler Alert** – Do NOT click the Polls and Bloopers until you’ve watched the episode in full!
[POLL: What do you think will happen to Jane Doe / Bella Goth? ]

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What is the significance of the series of digits (everything except “555”) in Hyde’s phone number? Like everything else in STM, the correct answer is NOT as straightforward as it looks, so some thinking out of the box is required.

The FIRST viewer(**) to give the FULL specific correct answer, phrased to my satisfaction, earlier than Sun Jan 15 22 2017, 2359h UTC/GMT, will be publicly credited in the next episode, STM 2.08.

All answers are to be submitted publicly in EITHER:

(1) YouTube Comments of the 2.07(B) video, OR
(2) THIS WordPress Blog post: “2.07(B) – 100%”

Answers posted in the wrong places, ie. anywhere else, won’t count.

Please ensure that you submit your answer under a name/pseudonym that you are comfortable being credited as.

(**) I reserve the right to disqualify any answer which is not fully to my satisfaction, or from individuals who remain on my private blacklist. If I replied to any of your comments *within* the year 2016, it’s a good sign that you’re in the clear 😉