STM 2.06(C) – 100%

At long last, the last part of the long STM 2.06 trilogy is ready for release.

– Bianca Monty and Kent Capp discuss Strangetown’s latest scandal.
– What is Antonio Monty’s next move?
– What does Nick Grimm (the former Nervous Subject) think of Ophelia Nigmos and Ripp Grunt’s discussion?

[STM 2.06(C) – The Patriarch P3]

[Lazlo Curious’ Bad Joke: April Fools 2015]

How many simmers correctly predicted the outcome of the Nick / Ophelia / Ripp scene correctly?

This episode took longer because of PVCS vs STM Football 2015 & 2035, an (completed) ambitious screenshot story of the three Sims2 Base Game Neighborhoods, remixed in a setting that’s considered “impossible” by strict gameplay standards. Sims storytelling will be dead and monotonous if we limited ourselves to only what’s possible in “actual” gameplay :/

Before STM 2.07 (which I may end up splitting into A & B again), there will be a short screenshot story chapter, STM 2.06(D-AU), which takes place in another Alternate Universe.

That plot of STM 2.06(D-AU) is directly relevant to STM 2.06(C), but does NOT happen in the MAIN storyline. This is likely to be ready around end-June.

Thank you to all simmers / fans who take the time to watch / read my stories properly. It’s good having you guys around, for my simming journey to continue.

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