2035 Match: PleasantView, Capp, Summerdream, StrangeTown & Monty 20 Years Later

2035 Match[EDIT: Nov 28 2015] The [third chapter – Silo Incident & Secret Communications] is available today. It focuses on two events in between 2015-2034, one from the household of Goneril Capp, and the other from Regan Capp‘s family (NOT football intensive).

[EDIT: Nov 21 2015] The [second chapter], introducing the 2035 StrangeTown and Monty families, is ready today (NOT football-intensive).

How many simmers [guessed the 4 Team Managers correctly]? 😉

[Original Post: Nov 15 2015]

The [first chapter] of sequel to the 2015 Match is finally ready. These aren’t simply Antonio Monty’s kids from STM 2.06(B), but also the younger generation of Pleasantview and Strangetown too.

This first chapter (and the 2nd one) will be LESS football-intensive, as they introduce what happened to the families during the 2 decades that elapsed after the previous match.

You’ll also find out who are the representatives of Pleasantview and Capp/Summerdream who became the managers of Team PVCS. So you still have time to guess the Strangetown and Monty team managers Revealed in Chapter 2 😉

Please note that this 2035 Match is done SIMULTANEOUSLY with STM 2.06(C), and that the MAIN STM Machinima series is NOT cancelled.


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