STM 2.06(B) 80%; Upcoming Story Experiment

[EDIT: Nov 5 2015] STM 2.06(B) is 95% complete. There is an excellent chance for it to be available this weekend, assuming the last 5% does not lead to a roadblock.

This upcoming chapter will be the longest STM episode so far, surpassing STM 2.05(B) Grimm Prospects 2. If that previous episode is about two Racing Men discussing Strangetown’s latest scandal…

Then expect this new episode to be about two other Racing Men discussing matters pertaining to Veronaville… and Antonio Monty’s impossible situation.

Here is an actual scene in the upcoming 2.06(B):

– This pic can also be interpreted as a teaser for the next football story, the one where all the premade Elders are dead. These kids will all be grown up by then.

Look out for clues in this pic. However, not all obvious details will necessarily be true in the final tale…

– Since they are all Veronaville natives, there is also a chance that not everyone in this pic will survive to appear in the next match… 😦

[Original Post: Oct 22 2015]

STM 2.06(B) is about 80% complete.
As promised, here is the 3rd type of scene:

Antonio Monty strikes back at the Veronaville Device…? 😮
Literally or figuratively?

At 95%, I will post another pic, but meanwhile…

Dr Hyde is experimenting again.

There will be a sequel to the Sims Football Match, also co-written with S2P. It will be written slightly differently, so simmers who are less into football can enjoy it as much as any other Sims story.

This next match takes place after ALL premade Elders from all 3 neighborhoods are dead.

It will be released one chapter at a time AFTER STM 2.06(B) is finished, and will be produced in the weeks when I’m CONCURRENTLY working on STM 2.06(C).

While the overall form is still “Live Update Parody”, there will be more Sims story dialogue that takes place on the field itself, not just during Half-Time in the dressing rooms.

There will also be some “background chapters” which are less football-intensive, as they focus on what happened to the sims’ families since the previous match — and those will be marked as such.

Remember Dina Caliente’s alien baby from my early video parody? 😉
This alien guy is now old enough to play for Team PVCS, and has a major role in the story.

Similarly, the Curious Brothers’ grown-up alien babies (Newton, Vivian & Zoe) will also be playing, but on Team STM instead.

Some marriages are also implied to have taken place shortly after the 2015 Match, so expect their offspring to make an appearance. Premade teens / children / toddlers such as Tank Grunt, Hal Capp and Beau Broke are also the right age to participate.

Unfortunately, the Veronaville Feud is still ongoing, so some non-Elder sims may not survive to participate 😦

But I’m not asking you to guess who died.
Instead, I’m asking you to guess who will be the new managers for both teams.

A Sim is more likely to become the manager if they:
1. Have a good standing in their neighborhood
2. Had a good performance in the 2015 match

The choice of managers determines the focus of the story, so you may think of the possible drama on the bench / dressing room, depending on who are leading the teams…

Have fun. See you at the next match! 🙂

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