STM Alternate Universe 1: Football Match

UPDATE: Sequel Now Available! [2035 Sims Football Match]
– now with more dialogue, thoughts & side stories!

Capps & Montys go to “war” on the football pitch…
aided by Pleasantview, Strangetown, & the Summerdreams…

How will Don Lothario fare as a Defender?
General Buzz Grunt as a Goalkeeper?
Patrizio Monty & Consort Capp as Rival Managers?

While waiting for my next STM episode, read my first completed Sims screenshot story (co-written with Sims2Player):
[Sims Football/Soccer Match: PVCS vs STM – 2015]

– A full 90-minute Football Match that took place in an Alternate Universe, where the Veronaville Disaster did NOT happen.
– We know that a 90-minute match is NOT possible in actual Sims gameplay, so this is clearly done via machinima-style manipulation.
This story *will* remind you of STM, so you can treat it as an “Alternate Universe STM Episode”.

Which side will Kent Capp play on…? 😮

1. [Before the Kickoff]
2. [1st Half]
3. [Half-Time: Dressing Room]
4. [2nd Half]
5. [Final Whistle & Match Stats]
6. [FAQ]

This is only the FIRST of the “STM Alternate Universes” screenshot stories that I’ve planned.

This style of screenshot-taking is similar to machinima-filming, but not so taxing and time-consuming.

When I made [this pic of Bianca & Kent playing football] during the World Cup 2014 season, I knew the Montys and Capps will have to settle their feud on the soccer pitch.


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