The delay for STM 2.06(B) is due to a major oversight on my part in terms of default Sims 2 animations (as opposed to Sims 4 animations, the only Sims game that I’m actively “playing” in 2015). There are also other external factors beyond my control, but that has been more or less sorted out now.

My original target release date was in mid-Sept, but that is no longer possible. While I am not entirely sure exactly how many percent it is complete, there has been too much progress to turn back. The only way now is forward.

Remember, this episode differs slightly from usual STM fare.
However, it’s nothing “strange” to see “strange” things in STM…

However, some good news: Over the past week, I have been collaborating with another simmer to create a jointly-owned (one-time) fanon — a football-themed screenshot story, set in an Alternate Universe to STM. So there will be a mixture of base-game themes and STM ideas.

As screenshot stories take significantly less time to produce than machinima, this project is currently in its last few phases, and is likely to appear within the next 2 weeks. now available for reading at [this link]. (Only after this would I return to STM…)

As this story will remind you of STM to some extent, just treat it as an “Alternate STM episode”.

This is only the first of the “Alternate Universe STM” screenshot stories that I have in mind.

I fear that Windows 10 may be the last OS to support Sims 2. Windows 10’s mainstream support ends in Oct 2020 (according to Microsoft’s timeline), so I have only 5 years left to finish all of Season 2.

Though I am busy, I hate rushing, as that compromises the quality of my work. So after 2.06(B) & (C), I MAY be faced with a difficult decision — to produce the remaining STM episodes as [screenshot stories] instead of as machinima.

I have NOT decided on this yet, so this is not final. However, this football story is a good trial run for me, to see how comfortable am I in producing screenshot stories.
Even if I eventually decide to go down this path, you shouldn’t expect to see the new STM screenshot chapters every week, but perhaps every 2-3 months or so — an improvement from 4-6 months, I suppose.


2 Replies to “Goal…?”

  1. Ok so I like this series and sadly sims 2 will die in 2020 but isn’t it possible to port towns and sims from one sim generation to another one like sims 3 or 4?

    1. It is possible to recreate the Sims 2 characters in the Sims 3/4 — and I prefer how the sims look like in Sims 4. However, there don’t seem to be enough *animation hacks / poseboxes* in Sims 4, which are required for the sims’ expressions and animations to be precise. The best animation hacks are in Sims 2.

      My major concern is being unable to complete STM before the Win 8.1/10 OS runs out. My chances of completing the series within 5 years as machinima (4-6 months release interval) is very slim. If later episodes are made as screenshot stories, at the very least, I get to complete telling the story…

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