Too many Sims fans have been banned on because they are underage. It’s because of the layout of the global Wikia sign-up form.

If being 13 and above is a prerequisite for being a member of, the sign-up form should reflect the respective birth years.

If I was the one designing this sign-up page, I will also prominently display the “13+ only” rule on the sign-up page itself, instead of hiding it in the TOS (since few people bother to read the fine print, before clicking “Agree”).

To some extent, this could reduce the number of underage sign-ups, so Wikia admins would have less banning to do.

In 2015, birth years should stop at 2002.
How else do you enforce a 13+ rule?

In the “Facebook era”, many people tend to freely display / flaunt their personal information in online profiles. Some Wikia user profile pages even display potentially identifying information, especially (but not limited to) their birthday and/or real name.

While users are free to edit/change this info whenever they like, Wikia pages’ HISTORY function keeps previous versions of userpages too, so this info is (in most cases) is never completely erased.

As many Wikias tend to deal with lighthearted / recreational subject matters, a user who has revealed / used their real name on a Wikia, may find it less easy to dissociate it from a possible future professional persona.

That’s why I am extremely selective with anything I post on Wikia, especially on one where I’m not an admin. I certainly think twice before clicking “publish” on a site with potentially eternal records.

These are some of the reasons why I prefer WordPress to Wikia. I am the boss of my own blog, so I choose what, when, how and why I publish any given article.


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