Update: Sims 4 Get to Work & STM 2.06(B)

[EDIT: June 24, 2015] STM 2.06(B)’s script is confirmed, while I’m still working on the set. Once the set is done, filming may begin. Please read this entire blog post for more info on what to expect for 2.06(B).

Meanwhile, you can also check out my commentaries on Sims 4 Get To Work Active Careers: Detective, Doctor & Scientist.

[Original Post: June 10, 2015] Over the next two weeks, I will be releasing a short series of blog posts about Sims 4 Get To Work. These are largely my own observations of gameplay mechanics and oddities. My aging settings are

Played Sims: Aging Off | Unplayed Sims: Aging On

so all the original inhabitants of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have died out by now.

So far, the only major STM premades I have put into that Sims 4 world are the trio of Veronaville Natives: Kent Capp, Bianca & Antonio Monty (see the first two in the above pic), as I don’t spend a lot of time creating sims in CAS, especially the ones who have established facial structures from Sims 2.

My Oasis Springs is also FULL of Racing Men — more than the “usual 8 names” on the “official” Racing Roster. There are more than 10 of us now…

After completing a Sims video, Hyde gets a “Completed Video” moodlet (Confident +1, approx 2 Watcher weeks), during which he does not start the next episode yet. Now that the moodlet has almost completely expired, I’m starting to carefully review the STM 2.06(B) script and set before production can continue.

This procedure will take place at the same time as the 3 blog posts about Sims 4 Get To Work.

Several things about STM 2.06(B):

– It seems different from the standard STM fare. In fact, it seems to fly off on a tangent. Remember, this was originally written as the “middle” segment of “STM 2.06”. There will be a third part, 2.06(C), which would bring the episode full-circle.

– I am more invested in the characters involved, so this episode has a good chance of being available more quickly.

In 2015, I only load Sims 2 (& 3) for filming, as I “play” only Sims 4 these days.

As for recently-released STM 2.06(A), did anyone catch any references to any of my earlier videos, in particular, the last scene involving Vidcund Curious? How many times has Vidcund done “things like that” “during office hours”, when the boss isn’t looking…? 😮

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