STM 2.06(A) – 100%

Finally, my first major Sims project of 2015 is ready for public viewing.

Conversations take place at Specter’s Yard, but who is listening? How will Bianca Monty respond after being put on the spot by Vidcund Curious?

[STM 2.06(A) – The Patriarch – Part 1]

Part A’s New Poll is about Nick Grimm. You can still guess which of the “Other 5 Racing Guys” is most likely to appear, and see how many simmers predicted Grunt’s outcome correctly.

You can see some Episode [Blooper Images] here.

There is also a new page for [Sims 4 Polls].

Hopefully Part B & C don’t take as long, as I’m more invested in the characters involved. STM 2.06(B), in particular, may seem somewhat different from the usual STM fare, but is nonetheless necessary to push the plot forward.

Thank you to everyone who checked my main blog updates, did not doubt me & stayed subscribed. Also to those who voted on the Polls, and took time to share their thoughts about the show 🙂

Remember, if Hyde doesn’t SAY it’s over, the show WILL go on.

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