STM 2.06(A): 30% – Machinima is a Tough Enterprise

The officially-split episode is about 30% in the works. Here is a [preview screenshot], which doesn’t count as a spoiler, since it is a long-anticipated scene that has been waiting to happen for several episodes.

If you noticed, in one of the STM 2.05(B) Bloopers, the bald man appeared on the scene too, albeit one episode too early 😉

The other Simlish machinima directors, who had been active in 2013-2014, have yet to produce any major episodes in the first three months of 2015. It is unclear whether they have stopped, or are just busy — but planning to resume their machinima projects at a slower rate than mine. Never mind if there aren’t any Simlish voiceovers in their series, the subtitles will do just great.

Machinima is a rather difficult hobby that demands a rare combination of:
(1) writing a focused storyline and script,
(2) competently producing the visuals according to plan,
(3) determination/discipline to see everything through to the finish.

It takes 1000% more effort than a screenshot story.
STM is tough because all phases of the project are done by one busy man.

In the absence of activity from other Simlish machinima directors, I have taken to reading other simmers’ screenshot stories. Maybe I should start recommending some via SimsDynamic. Or you could let me know of some that you enjoyed.


3 Replies to “STM 2.06(A): 30% – Machinima is a Tough Enterprise”

  1. You’ve certainly done a remarkable job keeping such a long running, high quality series going, despite life’s demands. I don’t know how you’ve avoided total burnout!


    1. Thanks Moody… it’s good to hear from you 🙂 That’s because I am determined to tell this story, and I know my personal limits. It is long-running only because I don’t have the stamina to complete episodes at shorter intervals…

      SD has become rather “static” due to members being busy – with life, or perhaps with playing Sims 4. Kinda miss the previous surge of activity, but who knows what good tidings the next half of 2015 may bring? 😉

      1. I’m fairly certain people will be playing Sims 5 before I make a dent in this thing! But I’m glad you’re keeping the forum online. I definitely hope there will be a surge of activity this year.

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