STM 206 Update – Feb 8 2015

My “Busy” Moodlet has been too strong these days to film/edit STM, but I have an excellent completed script for 2.06 in front of me, which I do not plan to waste. STM is NOT over, as I will definitely get the show done when my Busy moodlet gets weaker.

I have to admit that it’s more tempting to load Sims 4 these days for casual gameplay, instead of loading Sims 2 to focus on bringing my machinima script to life. Most people tend to find new games more fascinating than old ones, though this is certainly not true for my approach to Racing Games.

It is clear how a game from 2004 (Sims 2) differs from a game from 2014 (Sims 4). Do you recall how we had to manually buy mobile phones for our sims in the Sims 2 University Expansion Pack, as these were not available by default in the base game? But at this time, I do not see myself controlling the sets/characters for machinima in Sims 4 as thoroughly as I do in Sims 2.

See more Sims 4 gameplay experimentation results at [Sims 4 Emotions] & [Sims 4 Emotional Paintings].


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

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