The Adventures in Specter’s Yard

Happy New Year! 🙂 Hopefully 2015 will be a good year for Sims storytelling, with enough time and stamina for me to complete more videos.

Grunt vs Specter is only the beginning of “The Adventures in Specter’s Yard” subplot of STM, as you already know that other players will be literally entering the “field” for action. The two minor plots intersect at one character (The Girl is Important. She Must Live.) The major plot of the three Veronaville Natives — their history, current prospects and the Veronaville Device — returns to the forefront.

STM 2.06’s script is ready enough for filming to start very soon.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying Sims 4 more than I enjoyed Sims 3 in its day. Here is Prometheus Hyde, Sims4-style. While I am extremely pleased with the default blue skin tone and hair color, I would greatly appreciate the correct beard to be made available in the earliest possible Expansion Pack.

Dr Prometheus Hyde - Sims 4

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