STM Posters (circa 2.06)

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from the STM Universe! 🙂
I have most of the script for STM 2.06 sorted out, except for half of one scene. Filming is likely to begin after Christmas, or after the start of the New Year.

I thought of creating STM Christmas pictures, but decided to do something else that looks good all year round.

STM Posters (Click to Load Pics):
Veronaville Natives: Antonio & Bianca Monty; Kent Capp
Patriarches & Matriarch: General Buzz Grunt; PT #9 Smith; Olive Specter
Minor Plots: Loki & Erin Beaker; Vidcund Curious; Nick Grimm

I am still investigating the possibilities in Sims 4. The sims definitely look nicer than they did in Sims 3, but the hairstyles and choice of clothes’ colors are still lacking.


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