STM 205B: Grimm Prospects (Part 2) – 100%

EDIT (Dec 8 2014): STM 2.06‘s script does not require as much major reworking as the ones for 2.04 & 2.05. Filming may begin once I confirm the script.

Sims 4 has nice gameplay dynamics, but my sims’ appearances aren’t quite up to my standards yet. It’s good to have a fresh game every few years.

After a football season, computer change, Sims neighborhood reset, and a tough year for the author, STM205B is complete at last, and is officially the first STM video to surpass the 10 min mark. Let’s see how many of you predicted the outcome of the Specter Yard Investigation correctly:

[STM 2.05(B) – Grimm Prospects – Part 2]

[Episode Bloopers & Extras]

[STM Analysis: My original plans for the Two Men in the first draft of this episode, and Sims 3 gameplay stories that influenced how I finally constructed these three Racing Men.]

Spoiler Alert: DO NOT look at the [NEW Polls] & [Previous Polls Results] until you have finished watching the episode!

From 2.06 onwards, Bianca Monty’s plot returns to the forefront.
What further adventures await us in Specter’s Yard?
If the author has a better balance of work and leisure in 2015, we’ll find out sooner.

The completion of this episode also means that I have bought the Sims 4. For now, I don’t feel like I can control the sims / sets well enough to make machinima with it, but that may change in the future, as more mods are created.

The offer still stands for fans who have Sims 4 to try creating the premade characters used in STM, and send them to me. This will encourage me to think about using Sims 4 for some scenes in STM too.

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