STM 2.05(B): 85% – Big Storytelling Experiment

Update Nov 21 2014: [STM Bella Goth’s fanon article] on Sims Wikia.
Episode progress is between 85-90%… still on schedule.

Good news: STM 2.05(B) is 85% done. But it certainly won’t be 100% until the end of this month, at the very least.

One of the biggest calculated risks I took in Season 2 was to sideline the title character for a three-episode story arc. But this arc involves the other two minor plots, and a focus on the protagonist’s double.

The other risk was to give “minor-recurring” characters a lot of screen time, but this is necessary for that story arc to progress in the way it needs to. STM is my big experiment in storytelling.

To sum up the facts:

1. Episode Focus: Investigation and the Two Men
2. Bianca Monty returns
3. More aspects of Strangetown… and Veronaville?
4. Most likely the longest STM episode to date

For those who are interested in SimsDynamic, I have [some news].


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