STM 2.05(B) – 30%

Update: Oct 5 2014 — STM 2.05(B) is about 45% done.

Sep 21 2014 — STM2.05(B): The most difficult scene is finally filmed and edited, but the entire show is only about 30% complete. The good news is that I’m now running Sims2 on Windows 8.1, so STM 2.05(B) will be the first episode to be in widescreen.

As a result, there were some scenes meant for 2.05(B) which were shot in the 4:3 resolution during the 2.05(A) days, before I decided to split the episode. Those scenes had to be re-filmed.

I also restarted the entire STM merged neighborhood. Some of the sets have been redesigned in a minor way. I have kept most of the sets very similar to what you saw in the preceding episodes: Bianca Monty‘s house, the Curious Brothers’ Observatory, the Specter/Grimm Estate, Ajay Loner‘s shack, and the two Hyde Dynamic buildings (one next to Specter’s house, the other one mile outside Strangetown).

I’m aiming for a November/December 2014 release for 2.05(B). The script for episode 2.05 is twice the length of my usual scripts, so it feels like two episodes. Seems like I’ve accurately estimated my 2014 video project timeline.


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