Time Travel

The football season isn’t quite over, so I’ve not yet returned to creating STM.

Meanwhile, take a look at this new machinima by a promising new director. By 2014, I think stories of the Goth family (and Pleasantview) are overdone ad nauseam by too many fans, at the expense of other characters of other towns. I have always been neutral towards the Goth family, and have always preferred other sims to them.

But I’ll make a positive exception for this show, because the director approaches this family from an angle that I particularly like.

[The Goths Through Time, Episode 1, by Dutchlishsim]

Sims Freeplay fans: I won’t bother with the Carnival Update, if I still have to pay to keep my sims alive. My sims are perfectly happy after I relocated them to Sims 2/3 (at least they have more diverse facial structures now). I will also check out Sims 4 when it becomes available. PC versions are always better, since they are not so watered-down.

At the moment, I have no immediate plans to go back to Sims Freeplay, but I will still check out FP-related news.


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