STM 2.05(A): Grimm Prospects (Part 1) – 100%

EDIT (May 5, 2014): Loki & Circe Beaker‘s STM Article appears on Sims Wikia.
Do NOT read until you’ve watched STM 2.05(A)!

Olive Specter’s “Grimm Prophecy” finally comes true, with the arrival of the Two Men. It’s all up to her son & niece now…

The Beaker siblings couldn’t possibly have said certain things during prison visits. Is the Secret Project Lab a safe place for Vidcund Curious & Kent Capp to be working together in close proximity…? (Bianca Monty will be back in 2.05 Part 2 – Stay tuned.)

[Watch STM 2.05(A) Grimm Prospects – Part 1]

Blooper: Circe Beaker’s Botched Plastic Surgery


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