STM 205 Update: Two Parts?

STM Machinima Fans: I have only finished about 60% of the entire episode, which is estimated to be as long as (or longer than) the preceding STM 2.04.

Since I happen to be the sort of director who films and edits scene by scene (instead of doing all filming first and all editing later), I’m considering releasing the episode in two parts: 2.05(A) & 2.05(B).

If I go through with this, Part (A) could be out within this fortnight. Due to how the script was initially written, bear in mind that it wouldn’t have a regular conclusion like a “normal” full episode.

Part (B) will take a few more weeks, but I will try not to delay too much. The most tedious scene is finally out of the way, so the remaining scenes shouldn’t be too difficult — assuming I have time.

There is another advantage for this course of action. There will be one boolprop of an interesting poll in anticipation of 2.05 (B).

Meanwhile, you can still vote on the 2.04 Polls if you haven’t already done so. Stay tuned.

Here’s [another 2.05 Preview Picture]. I shan’t say if it belongs to Part (A) or (B)… 😉


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