Sims Freeplay: Forced Update

I do not bring good tidings for the Sims Freeplay. I couldn’t load my game today, unless I download their Death Update (oops, I mean “Life Dreams Update”).

I last read on Perturbee’s SFP Forum that it now costs 12 LPs (instead of 18LPs) to stop an Adult sim (with a maxed age meter) from turning into an Senior. (That’s what happens when you don’t see it first-hand in your own game.) According to TheGirlWhoGames, it now costs 3LP to reset an Adult sim’s maxed age meter. This sum does not permanently immunize your sim, but has to be paid over and over again.

Seems like EA/Firemonkeys gave a “discount”, but retained the overall spirit of forced aging, without a manageable way to control it for free (or with minimal accessible effort). As it is right now, I will NOT play SFP at all, as I refuse to let my sims suffer in a world in which I, as their Watcher, have little control. Even if they are all fictitious characters.

But I will still check on news of SFP updates. Good or bad news, I will likely blog about it. I guess I still care after all,* though all the time and effort I put into SFP has probably gone down the drain.

I have played multiple Sims games over many years, but none has disappointed me so thoroughly like Sims Freeplay.

As the Watcher over my sims, I am taking them away from a SFP land plagued with the Death Update, to a Sims 3 neighborhood of milk and honey, where they are immune to the ravages of time.

* Until I switched to Sims 4 in Dec 2014.


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