Sims Freeplay: Life “Dreams” Update – or Nightmare?

EDIT (Dec 2014): Since the launch of the Sims 4, I have given up on Sims Freeplay. Though the Sims 4 requires me to be in front of my laptop, I can satisfactorily control the aging of some / all of my characters. In this full paid PC/Mac version of Sims 4, the gameplay is more substantial (not watered down), and the sim characters are more diverse in appearance and personality.

There is a limit to the number of gaming hours a working adult has, and I’ll rather use them in a Sims world that I am pleased with.

My Original Article (Published in March 2014):

The point of playing any Sims games is to create a world of the players’ own liking. While there are common rules / features to maintain a sense of order, there should also enough room for players to decide for themselves how exactly they want their Sims universes to operate. Sims games are appealing because they have some similarities to real life, yet enough room for varying levels of “fantasy”, so that players may successfully take breaks from their real lives, to a (better) alternate Sims reality. The mobile App, Sims Freeplay, is particularly appealing for busy players on the go.

The problem with Sims Freeplay’s “Life Dreams Update”: aging / death spins out of control for players who cannot afford “Lifestyle Points”, or do not buy LP (with real money) for other reasons.

In PC versions, sims’ aging can be easily controlled via cheats (Sims 2), or gameplay options panel (Sims 3). Even in the case of Sims 3 Base Game’s Ambrosia, or Sims 3 Generations’ “Young Again Potion” & “Age Freeze Potion”, these features are relatively easily accessible by regular gameplay, and do not require spending extra real money to attain.

By contrast, the “Platinum Orbs” (the only other thing that permanently stops aging) take too much time/effort to attain, and requires players to “sacrifice” 4 sims to death by aging, in order to “immunize” one favorite sim from demise.

If we don’t like Sims expansion packs in PC versions, we can simply uninstall them, and our game reverts to its former preferred configuration. But Sims Freeplay is a mobile app, so updates are irreversible. We don’t have the option to “uninstall” the Life Nightmare Update (oops, I mean “Life Dreams”), so the only choices that remain are:

1. Neglect our favorite sims to prevent them from dying, until a fix is available.

2. Repeatedly pay money for LP to keep our favorite sims from dying — which is not likely to happen, since unhappy customers are unlikely to continue playing and paying.

3. Give up completely on Sims Freeplay.

Fortunately, I was saved from this Update because I read reviews before taking any plunges. If this forced aging (in its current form) is ever pressed on us in a mandatory Update, I will be uninstalling the game.

Sims games are simulator god games, so players can’t possibly be satisfied if they feel they are losing control over their game.

The only way to appease the legions of furious fans (especially those who have spent money on toddlers/ pre-teens / teens, which initially had no “expiry date”) – is to release a satisfying fix in the next Update – where sims’ aging can be adequately controlled without using real money.

Otherwise EA / Firemonkeys would have killed the Sims Freeplay goose that lays the golden eggs — and have their goose cooked.

AldoHyde is a Sims 2 / 3 Machinima Director.

16 Replies to “Sims Freeplay: Life “Dreams” Update – or Nightmare?”

  1. The game has changed to the point that it is no longer the same game. The only people able to play the post updated game will eventually be those with lots of money so perhaps it is time for a name change as “Freeplay” no longer applies.

    1. Exactly. Those who have lots of money to spare, or those who cheat to get unlimited LP. The ones who are really angry are the large numbers of faithful fans who (used to) not mind occasionally paying real money for some features.

      “Freeplay” – The “free” version of this game is no longer satisfying with this Update. I also think the “freeform” nature of the game is also lost, as the life dreams and threat of death bring too much structure into the gameplay. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      1. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many. I am, as you you can understand more then furious. How can the developers make such a mistake by forcing this update onto the players. I did buy LP for developing the houses and etc. I build my dreamworlds indeed. It’s my dreamworld, not theirs and I hate not being able to undo this update. I’m sick of it.

        How can we, as players, reach the developers to make them understand this simply won’t do !!!

        A very disappointed and sad player,

        Maya, the Netherlands

    2. You are so right!!!!! I hate this game now. There are a lot of things they need to change and this death thing is at the top of my list!!!!!

  2. Yes, the update stinks, but I’m not feeling powerless. Here’s my plan… I will keep playing my non-updated game and take note of every single advertiser! Then I will write the president of each of those companies and tell them how terrible I feel that some grim reaper killed off my mom and dad I had in my sims game, along with all my family and friends. Their support of EA games is now a horrible mistake and they need to force EA to stop the automatic death in the Sims Freeplay game that has become a personal and beloved part of gamers lives. An advertiser’s association is now associated with death!

    If everyone will write a letter, email, YouTube, etc… Watch it change!!!

    I believe and declare, we are not powerless.

    1. PC versions also have death by aging, but the process is more easily controlled by the player – no excessive external resources are required to “immunize” some/all of our sims.

      It doesn’t seem likely for SFP to “remove death” completely, so it will be good enough if they give us a satisfactory way to prevent aging for as many sims as we please, available in the “free” version.

  3. another way is to NOT do the death dreams set at all. though you are warned, on their site, that access to future items may/will be unavailable … such as i will not be able to do the arcade or beach associated hobbies and activities.

  4. I am so opposed to this new update. I have my family members and myself as sims and I sure don’t want to die. I have a fear of leaving this life for real and playing a game that is going to take my life isn’t fun. There is nothing fun about losing any of my sims. They all have a special place in my heart. That circle gets to red entirely too fast. I have spent about $20.00 already but I’m not going to continue to play at this rate any more. I will delete the game and find another that does not suck the life and money out of me!!!

    1. A mass exodus of existing customers can’t possibly be good news for any company. If the fans are still making noise, some of them still have hope that EA will listen.

      If this massive backlash fails to produce a win-win situation for both EA and the fans, I will uninstall SFP, and remake all my SFP families in an idyllic neighborhood in Sims 3 (PC), where I can stop some/all of them from aging.

      1. I have stopped playing my game as of about 7-10 days ago. All 32 of my sims are now with either the reaper or birthday cakes over their heads. How sad. I have no intention of playing the game until they change the death part of the game. Just before I stopped playing I used 180 LPs to save the age of my sims. Can you imagine the money they are making with this update if people are continuing to play? I just can’t afford this. Please let me know if or when something changes. Thanks.


          Seems like it’s now cheaper to control your sims’ ages.
          While it doesn’t completely stop death, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

          But this isn’t enough for me to remotely consider updating my game. I will NOT be paying for LP just to keep my Sims at the age I want them to be. If they force us to update, I will just completely quit SFP, and focus on Sims 2 & Sims 3.

  5. Beautifully and succinctly said, thank you! I have chosen to neglect my sims in hopes that there will be an update fix. I blindly updated because I blindly trusted the firemonkeys to “first, do no harm”, that they had an idea of fun and fair play. The game is no longer ‘mine’ so I am preserving it as it was in my mind. I am being strong but I am going through withdrawals and various other emotions.

    1. I agree with you. I now have 280 LP’s I will need to spend to keep my Sims as they are. What to do is my dilemma. I hate the game now. I use to play 3-4 X a day when I could. Now I just go on to make sure my sims are alive. Lol.

  6. I’m on level 13 now and once I reach up to 20 or 30 I am not glad cause some people can not afford paying real money to buy stuff like that. Why aging the sims and die for them. Its not fun to redue everything and I love my little babies I have made

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