STM205: 35% – Picture Preview

– A few days ago, I had 666 views on STM204 and 666 subscribers.
STM205 is about 35% filmed and edited. It’s a direct continuation of the various plots of 204, as seen in this [picture preview].

April 2011: STM101 Aftermath
April 2012: STM108 Mediator
April 2013: STM201 Son of Capp
April 2014: STM205 ???
(More likely, the end of the month. Hopefully my schedule permits…)

One year ago, I made a [dedicated Channel Trailer], mainly as a test to see how many non-subscribers visited my first YT channel. That video registered a little over 1250 hits, so it’s quite clear that people these days subscribe mainly via videos or YT feeds. (A YT Channel Trailer only auto-plays when a non-subscriber visits a channel.)


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