STM205 Started; New Takers for Non-PV Machinima Challenge?

EDIT 1: “STM Vidcund Makeover” applied to Loki Beaker & Kent Capp.
EDIT 2: STM Fanon for [Vidcund Curious] appeared on Jan 22 2014.

– I have started filming some of the easier parts of STM 205. I don’t know exactly when I’ll finish, but I’m estimating late March – April 2014.

– Since I extensively rewrote parts of STM 204 & 205, a major revision is now required for the scripts of STM 210 – 211 (or 212). If successful, the show may possibly have a more interesting ending than originally planned.

I’ve seen several well-done Pleasantview episodes these weeks, till I’ve lost track of what happens in whose show. It seems like Pleasantview’s suburban charm supercedes even that of Sunset Valley, and I completely understand why. (But it’s obvious that I’m not the “Pleasantview type”, so I’ll probably be half-hearted if I tried writing an extended tale on it.)

Are there any new takers for the “Non-Pleasantview Machinima Challenge”? As the writer, director & producer of STM, I have one less Sims show to look forward to as a viewer. The directors of my favorite Strangetown series & Veronaville series seem to be busy lately.

New takers could message me directly with links to their shows. I’m looking out for a well-written story with decent production quality. Bonus points for a new episode every 2 weeks / 1-2 months, for those of you don’t have a full-time job. If I like your show enough, I may even blog about it.


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