STM204 – Friends in High Places (100%)

Happy New Year! I have successfully completed STM 204. 🙂
General Grunt plots revenge. Kent Capp reunites with his old project mates, and seeks medical attention. What just happened at Ajay Loner’s house…?

[StrangeTown Monty 2.04 – Friends in High Places]

[Employee Cards] has been updated.

– Do NOT look at the [new polls] until you’ve watched the episode in full.
– The episode involved quite a lot of new sets and other experimentation, which was why the pre-filming preparation took ages.
– I rewrote the script for the middle part of the episode (2 minor characters) at least 3-4 times. I needed it to be concise, yet thought-provoking.

2014 is going to be a busy year for me. I’ll be lucky to have 3 new STM episodes for the entire 2014. Anything more will be a miracle.

I liked having the falling snow on my 2 WordPress blogs, but they were slowing down the display on mobile devices 😦

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