STM204 Update, Story Arcs, Roaring Heights

STM 2.04‘s set is confirmed. Filming has started.
– If I have time, the show may be out during Christmas 2013. If not, it’ll be the first episode of 2014.
– Part of this episode will be similar to STM 1.10 & 1.11. The other part will be more like STM 2.02.

– NOTE on [STM Season 2 Story Arcs]: remember what the show focuses on.
(Link changed: Jan 1, 2014)

– Sims 3 World [Roaring Heights] will feature younger versions of Consort & Contessa Capp (Kent Capp’s parents). The promotional article didn’t show any of their kids, but it’s possible that Contessa may be pregnant with their firstborn.

[STM Analysis: Monte Vista, Roaring Heights, Veronaville & Retcon]


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