STM 203 Screenshot & Racing Updates

STM 2.03 stands around 55% complete, mainly due to Hyde’s overwork & the long time-out of his “Bella Goth Overdose” Moodlet. At this rate, a September release is unlikely. If we’re lucky, we’re looking at an October 2013 release.

Meanwhile, here’s a screenshot from the episode. It looks generic on first glance, but as usual, you should observe closely. This, together with “Capp Family 1988” form parts of the episode – yet that is not all. STM Season 2 contains more subplots than the more Bianca-oriented Season 1.

– In my Sims Universe, “Hyde Dynamic” is the science facility in STM, with Bianca Monty, Kent Capp & the Curious brothers among its employees.
– In the world of Watchers, “HydeDynamic” is simply a natural choice of a second username when Dr Hyde needs it.

I have split the AldoHyde channel into two: My NEW Racing stuff will be uploaded to: [].

I did this only because I plan to upload many more Racing videos than I originally thought I would. You might notice that the songs I used in the Racing videos are similar to the background music of STM — there’s no way that these two projects are completely distinct.

There shall be NO bugging me for Sims stuff on my Racing channel or videos.


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