STM 203 Updates & 13+ Rating

New Fanon Pages on Sims Wikia for [Dr. Prometheus Hyde] (July 14),
[Kent Capp] (July 20), [Bianca Monty] (July 27) & [STM Series] itself.
EDIT: [Antonio Monty’s article] appeared on August 4.
– I have planned at least one more similar article.

– The recent weeks have not been kind to me. No frame of mind to make ANY videos at all. At this rate, I estimate STM 2.03 to be finished around mid-August to end-September 2013, a 6-week buffer period.

– Once again, I thank the good fans who have chosen to understand & support my projects; and respect my schedule & YT channel for what I need them to be. Thank you for not doubting me.

I wrote [STM] for a 13+ audience. If you are too young, you may not fully understand some of the difficult language and concepts. Perhaps when you’re older, you will appreciate the show much better, and also understand why Hyde’s video-making schedule is the way it is.

– I’ve had a Bella Goth overdose lately, after reading/watching too many fan fictions based on her. Doesn’t help that STM 2.03 is a direct continuation of the story in 2.02, but at least the STM Bella plot is 50% about the people who are helping her.

– Good to hear from some specific good fans, whom I’ve not heard from for a while. Let me know when things improve for you…


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

2 thoughts on “STM 203 Updates & 13+ Rating”

    1. Thanks, Docerome. WordPress mistakenly consigned your comment to spam, so I nearly missed it. 😮

      YT contains a mix of fans who may prefer realistic un-simlike Sims machinima, and those who like default-nhood machinima. The Sims Wikia crowd appears to be the correct audience for my Sims machinima, since they are likely there for the default profiles anyway. In any case, since Day 1, I’ve been pointing my audience to Sims Wikia profiles.

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