Sims “Canon” vs “Fanon”

StrangeTown Monty is my own version of what happened to the default (canon) characters in Veronaville and Strangetown, so the story is properly classified as “fanon”.

We should also NOT confuse “what happened to a character in someone’s sim story” (fanon) with “the game creators’ official version of the character” (canon).

Perhaps this will be clearer if I explain using the Goth Family. These are examples of “fanon” that proves to be completely different, or even at odds with, canon info.

Sims1 CANON: – Mortimer & Bella Goth are adults, with their only child Cassandra.
– Michael Bachelor’s relationship with the Goth family is unclear.
– In the Unleashed expansion, we are introduced to Gunther & Cornelia Goth, who look older than Mortimer, so we deduce they are probably meant to be his parents.

Sims1 FANON Examples: – If you made Mortimer and Bella break up, or have extra children.
– At this time, when you didn’t know Bella & Michael are meant to be siblings, and they had an affair…
– If you thought Gunther was Mortimer’s older brother or uncle.

Sims2 CANON: – Mortimer (elder), Cassandra (adult), Alex (child).
Missing Bella is still an adult, but presumably in late middle-age. Gunther & Cornelia are confirmed to be Mortimer’s late parents who perished by fire.
– Michael Bachelor is revealed to be Bella’s brother, who died without any known heirs. Their late parents are confirmed to be Simis & Jocasta Bachelor.

Sims2 FANON Examples: – Regardless of who Cassandra marries, it is your version of what happened to her, even if someone else writes a story which happens to be similar.
– Whether Mortimer succumbs to Dina Caliente’s gold digging, or pines away because of Bella’s absence, is also your choice.
– Alex’s choice of aspiration when he becomes a teen, and who he eventually dates/marries.
– Whether or not Bella returns to her family, and if it’s too late.

Sims3 CANON: Mortimer Goth is a child living with his parents Gunther & Cordelia. Bella Bachelor is also a child, living with her teen brother Michael, father Simis & mother Jocasta.
– Gunther’s sister Frida now lives with their uncle, Samuel Goth, whom nobody knew existed before Sims3.

FANON Examples: – If Mortimer & Bella didn’t marry each other.
– Mortimer & Bella got married, but had different kids (not Cassandra & Alex).
– Michael didn’t remain a bachelor, but married early and had kids.
– Gunther & Cornelia die in any other way besides in a fire. They are probably going to die of Old Age if aging is on & you’re not controlling their family.
– If Samuel Goth has children, Mortimer’s side of the family may end up with distant cousins in Moonlight Falls.

Sims’ Physical Appearances
– (CANON) Cassandra Goth has pigtails & round glasses. Kent Capp is bald.
– (FANON) Change that in any way, and they become your version of these characters.

It will be too confusing for FANON material to be mixed up with CANON info. These examples I’ve shown are all in-game possibilities, so they are still valid as stories in their own right, just at odds with canon information. Especially if you had to make guesses at the Sims1 stage.

The Sims3 possibilities may also happen when you’re playing a legacy in Sunset Valley, and have no control over events in the Goth/Bachelor households.

I’ve always believed that all sims players are free to have their own versions of pre-made characters, and all these versions are equally valid. This is the basis for different players to be creative about their own stories.

On the other hand, non-premade characters (CAS made by other players) should always be respected. If you want to use someone else’s original characters in your story, always ask for their permission. The creator has every right to say “no”.

If you’re writing a story about a default neighborhood, the MAJORITY of the characters should be the pre-made ones. Otherwise, your audience gets the wrong expectations of your show. But there are also a limited number of possible outcomes for exactly the same group of pre-made characters, since it’s the exact same sandbox that other simmers have.

So the small number of original CAS is for throwing in a bit of plot variation. For example, in [StrangeTown Monty (STM)], while Dr. Prometheus Hyde counts as a “main” character, he doesn’t appear as often as Bianca Monty or Nick Grimm/Nervous Subject, but his role in the tale cannot be neglected.

See [this other article] for how these “Canon vs Fanon” issues affect one’s interest in the Sims games, and how these ideas function in STM and my other Sims stories.

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