STM 203 Schedule & OneChannel Tips/Thoughts

Been plagued with stress lately, with work getting heavier in the later half of the year. So STM will still go on, but at a slower rate. I am starting on 2.03 soon, but I can’t estimate the completion period yet. There MAY still be Racing Days with no Sims videos, so even if you don’t see new Sims videos (yet), never give up on Dr Hyde. If Hyde doesn’t actually say it’s over, the show will go on.

New Article on the STM Site:
[For Non-Sims Players: Intro to StrangeTown Monty]

When YouTube switched all users over to the OneChannel layout, it looked as if they were overhauling YT to be more channel-focused. But the reverse is also true, since it is also possible to (un)subscribe to someone via specific videos or the YT homepage, without ever visiting the person’s channel. Despite this, it’s always a good idea to check YT channels for specific info.

Many users are unhappy about their previous background images (which they could upload just as it is) being superseded by a banner image with an overwhelmingly complicated template. You can try turning your old background image into a OneChannel banner, by editing it in [PicMonkey] or [Pixlr]. Create a new graphic of 2120×1192 or 2560×1440, and put the most important images exactly in the middle. The middle horizontal bar is 350 pixels in height for graphic size 2120×1192, and 423 pixels for 2560×1440.

I appreciate users who take the time to summarize their channel’s gist in their Onechannel trailer. If I have a mental snapshot of the type of videos a channel offers, it is easier for me to decide if I wish to subscribe. This is way better than the previous layouts’ annoying auto-played “featured video”. This caused many unwanted videos to end up on my “watch history” page, with YT making video suggestions based on these videos that I supposedly “watched”.

That is why I do not recommend using an existing “episode” of your work as your OneChannel trailer, as it may be treated exactly like the old auto-played “Featured video”. It may appear too out-of-the-blue for people unfamiliar with your channel’s subject matter. If they are lost and unclear of what to expect from your channel, they are less likely to subscribe. Technically, your trailer can be as long as you like, but it’s better to keep it short and simple to increase the chances of it being watched in full.

Truth is, YT channels and social media profile pages are continually subject to layout changes for the sake of overall site uniformity. So if you want (close to) full control of the appearance of your online home, it’s better to use a personal website / blog as your main base.

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