News Brief

Tough times for me 😦 But I’m slowly getting back on my feet, in terms of resuming my video-making. Writing comes more quickly and naturally for me.

[SimsDynamic YouTube Channel] contains other people’s machinima series that I’ve shortlisted as “worth watching”. I add new episodes to the playlists as they arrive, so take a look there sometimes.

Meanwhile, here is another STM Analysis. It starts with…
“StrangeTown Monty is living proof that a Sims Machinima Series does NOT need teenage pregnancies, sex scandals, lots of gore / violence, or even excessive amounts of custom content to be successful. What’s REALLY required is…”
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The Nick Grimm plot will become more prominent as STM Season 2 progresses.

“Hyde Dynamic” is the name of my Lab in the Sims World. It is also a pun on the fact that the Watcher’s presence is a very obvious factor in the story.


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2 thoughts on “News Brief”

  1. Sometimes the plot of some Sims 2 stories/machinima’s sicken me. Your plot is really unique and is very interesting, a story that isn’t based off of teen girls wearing clothes that are way too tight and teen guys who look like freakin’ fairies. Also, good to hear things are becoming slightly better for you, I really hope it will get MUCH better for you soon.

    1. I know what you mean. I’m also kinda turned off by the type of shows you mentioned. I’m uncomfortable with a lot of so-called “male” hair custom content, which I think are way too effeminate. Many people think that “good machinima” uses lots of custom content, so these styles get used on their male characters. :/ But I like the default Sims2 University male ponytail and simple long hair — manly enough for my sims. 😎

      Thanks dude. I really want to complete this series.

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