Free Sims Banners for YouTube OneChannel

– Are you a Sims Fan who wishes to have a Sims-related banner for your own YouTube channel, but may or may not have your own Sims series and/or your own graphics editor?

Currently Available in 3 Flavors:

  • Pleasantview: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
  • Strangetown: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
  • Veronaville: [Preview: See it in Action] [Download Full Graphic]
    (All Sims are portrayed in their default appearance.)
    – The full graphics are of the exact size (2120×1192)** to upload directly as the YouTube channel banner. Designing this requires one to juggle optimization for desktops, tablets & TVs all at once.

    ** YT has since changed their preferred size to (2560×1440), but (2120×1192) still works perfectly.

    – Characters not within the “minimum zone” (that appears on all resolutions & devices) will only be visible on larger screen resolutions.
    – Depending on your screen resolution, some sims on the left may be covered by your channel avatar. The higher your screen resolution, the less likely these sims are covered.

    – Suggestions are welcome, but I reserve the right to follow through with them (or not).

    – If it’s a topic very specifically for your channel alone, your relationship score with me (like how it works in the Sims game) has to be HIGH enough.
    Please DO NOT redistribute my work on any other site,
    but feel free to link directly to this URL:
    (Shortened URL directly to this download page)

    If you enjoy these, or have suggestions for possible banners, let me know what you think in the comments.

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