STM: Sims2 Veronaville vs Sims3 Monte Vista

StrangeTown Monty 2.01 is approximately 35% complete. Season 2 will be filmed with Sims2, and its plot continues directly after 1.11 (ie NOT a prequel). The final three “sketches” in STM 1.11 tell you what other subplots will be explored, alongside the main storyline involving Monty’s daughter & Capp’s son.

Sims3 Monte Vista gave me a big headache in terms of filming technicalities, so I decided to bypass it altogether. To make things worse, Bianca’s generation has a different birth order in STM [Article Text Updated 25/03/2013], so it’s harder for me to use the pre-created family in Monte Vista. I’ve even tried cloning them and changing their ages, but Sims3 is STILL a pain to film with.

Flashbacks in Season 2 will be done similarly to STM 1.09’s “swing incident”. I’d like to remind everyone that 1.09 was done in August 2012, before the public knew anything about Sims3 Monte Vista, so Bianca & Antonio remain the same as they were in that episode.

Patrizio dyed his hair. I never thought of him as “Doctor Monty”, or Isabella as a “hip journalist Mom” until Sims3 retconned them out of their Sims2 adult culinary careers.

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